Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Le General Hotel #Paris Launches new design

Le General Hotel Paris - all new look!  Arthur Douillard the Hotel Director of Le General Hotel took the time to share with us his experience and his philosophy.
Le General Hotel has been recently renovated and has now a new strikingly visual décor...funky urban vibe.

Let’s learn more about the hotel, it’s philosophy and the hotel director..

What are your days like?
Everyday is a new journey full of challenges. What is important for me is to make our guest feel at home. To succeed, the hotel staff  has to be coordinated as much as possible.

What is the most important thing that employees have to do?
They need to send good vibes to our guests. Our employees are very attentive to our guest so they can have a good experience in our hotel. We want them to feel at home and to have a good memory of our hotel and eventually come back.

How could you categorize the new style of Le  General Hotel?
Le General Hotel has been recently renovated and redesigned for an entirely new guest experience. It is an urban creative style that encourages well-being and feels very social.

We love the new look of Le General Hotel - very urban creative

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