Monday, October 8, 2012

M-Commerce Trends

Businesses Need to Get Wise to Local and Mobile SEO Opportunities

         With continous growth in smartphone and tablet ownership, mobile search is becoming a hot topic for brands. Businesses must develop local search and mobile SEO strategies. They also must be more reactive to evolving SEO best practice.

        Appearing on the first page is more crucial than ever. Screen sizes of mobile devices can be up to 80 percent smaller than a desktop computer, meaning it is more important than ever to appear on the first page of search results. 

"It's crucial for businesses to be reactive to changes in mobile search and adopt evolving best practice as early as possible to maximize visibility on these devices. Ignoring the needs of those searching via mobile — whether at home or on the move — could mean missing out on a grand scale; users searching for local information with a mobile device often take part in further activity, including making on and offline visits to a researched business."

         It is necessary for businesses to develop a mobile-friendly web presence that incorporates a mobile content strategy and tailored keywords to mobile users. 

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