Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Confirmed: Google’s Expandable Knowledge Graph Test

by Barry Schwartz

Alex Chitu reports Google is testing a new feature for the Google Knowledge Graph. The new feature is a way to show an expanded version of the knowledge graph in the top of the search results.

Currently, when you search in Google and the knowledge graph comes up, it shows you up to five related people, books, albums, movies and so on. If you want more, you are out of luck. But with this test, Google is adding an “explore more” more link that gives you a lot more related topics to scroll through right at the top of the page.

Here is a picture:

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Monday, July 23, 2012

KLOUT's Matrix for hoteliers

by Emilie Alba, Oneglobe DDIH

The 5 styles hoteliers should consider to improve their online social approach

Broadcaster : Hoteliers have to share a diversified type of information able to entertain each of their customer segment on a daily or weekly basis. Visual content linked to the hotel, tourism or any type of leisure activities is usually very engaging.
Here is an example: (Ace Hotel)

Tastemaker : Becoming a Tastemaker is more about expressing the hotel's personality through representative design and content that match the customers' style. The turn of phrase, humor and puns will make a difference.

Feeder : It is all about providing customers with daily news, offers, photos, etc... in short, content about the hotel and what is going on around. The aim is to make potential customers want to stay at the hotel, and make acquired customers want to come back and influence their family and friends to book as well.

Conversationalist: It is more about the way the hotel engages with its followers. It should match both the hotel's personality and the customers' style. The hotel should be able to post simple pieces of information (tips, ideas, local business services, hotel description, etc. ) that convey a positive atmosphere within and around the hotel.

Socializer: Hoteliers have to be regularly active on the main social media websites by publishing posts that generate customers engagement. It also consists in managing the flow of activity by answering all type of questions and comments. A good socializer can maintain an excellent e-reputation for the hotel.
Here is an example:

Hoteliers should create an editorial calendar and publish diversified content covering a bit of the 5 social styles introduced above. It is also important for hoteliers to regularly spend time on hotel blogs and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Fancy, etc.) in order to find their own style and inspiration.

Klout is a good tool to give hoteliers an idea of their online influence and improvement in their social activities. Although the Klout score is not a relevant reference, the online evolution mentioned is a motivational element that will help hoteliers keep up the good work.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Room77 launched a Free WiFi Summer Promotion

The comparison site Room77 differentiates from OTAs with a Free WiFi summer promotion… 

Independent hotels should draw their inspiration from intermediaries' strategies to get a chance to increase direct bookings.

Hotel Insight made an interesting analyse about Room77's strategy

Mobile Impact on travelers' behavior

There is a clear synergy with mobile + affluent...all users see latest information as a service.  What is your take?

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel with My Destination

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WifiWork - 12/07

For our RV today...
1. YOU Share new info + sites - use G+ and #wifiwork to easily group the info
2. Record and publish the new info - who wants to do it today?
3. LGH visibility contest - what are your plans- how to start?
4. SEO - how will you use these tools for our clients - 5 steps to Successful online marketing

Our meeting point today