Thursday, November 29, 2012

Design Hotels: Eccleston Square London - way ahead of his competitors!

We really fell in love with this video!

Thank you Design Hotel - Eccleston Square in London for having such a futuristic viex of our hospitality industry ;-)

Check their Youtube Channel here

 What do you think FMKRS?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tripomatic: plan your trip now!

Dear FMKRS, 

Christmas holidays are coming, and if you're planning to go abroad for several days to celebrate, have a look at Tripomatic and/or download their free mobile application!

This company, launched mid 2011 and managed by a team based in Czech Republic, enables any traveller to plan his trip so that they don't miss any attractions on their way!

"The main function of is to allow the planning of a personalised holiday itinerary that can be printed by the user."

Here is what Tripomatic can do for you: 

  • You can add accommodation and car rental in Europe and in the US region (recently launched) to your planning;
  • The picture of the monument you're looking for appears on the map, with all the details (address, rating, opening hours, fees, etc.); 
  • You can chose pre-built trips (in the suggested trip plans section) or create your own from scratch!
  • Once your trip is definitive, you can save a PDF version, print it and/or share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

"The trip planning site by travellers, for travellers"!

I have tried it, and I can tell you: it is really fast, easy to use and I will print it for sure for my next trip, in case I dont' have access to the app ;-)
3 basic steps to follow: you select your destination, your dates (you can skip it), and the tool already suggests you must-see places related to the chosen destination!

Once validated, this screen appears:
A real tutorial to help you planning your best trip ever! Click on it, and start adding and moving stuff around!

Have you ever tried it? Feel free to leave your comments!

By @CJuppet

Friday, November 23, 2012

Travelers' Behavior on Social Media Confirms the Trend towards the DISCOVERY of brands and products

Statistics show that social media influences online travelers in their decision-making process.
As a result, "40% of travel companies now rate social media as increasingly important in connecting tourists with their business."

Every Independent Hotelier should be aware of the emerging discovery trend among online travelers. Many of them now first discover brands and products on social media, and then make search based on specific keywords on search engines.
ex: California Boutique Hotel San Francisco

The following statistics demonstrate this trend:
- After browsing social websites, 52% of travelers made changes to their original plans.
- 52% of travelers search social media to find vacation ideas.

Source: Tnooz

To finish, the discovery trend can also be justified by the social development of well-known companies like Facebook and Airbnb. Facebook indeed launched a "Want" button, and Airbnb created a "Wishlist", and recently released  "neighborhoods" in order to improve the online consumer experience by enhancing the "discovery" process on their platforms.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Facebook creates special Timeline for couples

If get annoyed by those friends who have boyfriends/girlfriends and start putting EVERYTHING they do together on the social medias, we have some bad news. Now Facebook criates automatically a timeline with all the couple's intercations on Facebook - yes, automatically. All cute messages, pictures, links to U2 or Celine Dion videos, friends in common, pages that both like at the same time, events they went together, etc - all couple cuteness is going to be there.

To access this, you have to be in a "serious relationship" with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Once this information is in your profile, the couple go to and all of your online romantic history is going to be there. To share the link (and piss off your friends), just copy and paste the url that is going to appear with the name of the couple in the browser.

What do you think about it? Cute? Useless? Leave a comment!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Travtar: sell your hotel bookings!

Did you book a hotel room, and can't use it because you changed your plans?
Here is the solution: Travtar!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hotel Guests' Experience Relies on Mobiles

By Paul Johnson

 Luxury hotels have had a history of being innovative when it comes to technology, and that tradition continues to this day. In Thailand the Aloft Bangkok – Sukhumvit 11 is using touchscreen technology from Fingi that is loaded on to Samsung Galaxy smartphones so that guests can control everything from in-room mood lighting to setting up their own WiFi hotspots when out on the move.

Hoteliers, how mobile-oriented is your hotel?

Second Screen Experience

We are in a "golden -age of television" with all these channels and programs at hand. To profit the most from this opportunity try a second screen application for a greater engagement through social media.

Discover our selections for Second Screen Applications!

Check what people say about the program you are actually watching. You can see what your friends are watching, and receive recommendations. You can also unlock stickers and rewards for discounts at major entertainment companies.

An application to complete your television watching experience by sharing on social media directly.  Ask questions if you don't understand the film, read music analysis, get the latest sport news, all in one, IntoNow

Boxfish builds index to all that has been said on TV channels and it is used as a new layer of discovery for TV channels. It s a live guide for tablets and replaces the ordinary TV guide. Thanks to Boxfish the TV experience has been transformed into a dynamic source of real time information at any platform. Once at Boxfish site, look for something, like type the name OBAMA and you can see on which channel , at what time this topic has been raised.


Pinterest's Secret Boards

Are you a Justin Bieber fan but is not ready to face the judgements of the world with your collection of pictures? Or maybe do you want lose some weight but thinks lettuce does not go with your board of Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes? Now you have a solution.

Last week Pinterest launched the Secret Boards. On them, nobody else will be able to see what you pin unless you enable them. Really easy to set, you just have to put "ON" on the Secret Option on a new board. For the moment, each user is going to be able to create 3 secret boards. It may be not enough for all your internet sins, but its a start. 

Everybody already had the same (almost obvious but useful) ideas for secret board. Wedding planning, surprise party ideas, strange obsessions - enter Justin Bieber - , journal or gift ideas.

But what about some ideas to use them PROFESSIONALLY? Yes, yes, we have some....

- If your company is putting together results for a contest, a photo contest for example, you can create a secret board with the finalists and only open on the D Day.
- You can curate good ideas for THAT meeting you'll be able to impress your boss.
- For any special event or date, you can leave the board secretly ready for lauch day.
- You can spend more time building a board and present it already full of pins, instead of adding pind gradually. 

For more info, Pinterest explains step by step everything you need to know about Secret Boards here


Picture from here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twitter vs Instagram

 is preparing to bypass Instagram.

It will update the mobile application in order to filter photos similar to Instagram's. 
Photos filtered on Instagram look like as if they were shot by a camera of the '60s.

Twitter's mobile filter seems vital since the public uses Instagram to take pictures and then shares them on Twitter. But the changes do not stop here. 

The company is working on to add further  tools to its mobile application such as the ability to upload and edit videos without having to go through third party applications, services like Youtube.

And the name? Unfortunately nothing to do with the bird!