Friday, November 23, 2012

Travelers' Behavior on Social Media Confirms the Trend towards the DISCOVERY of brands and products

Statistics show that social media influences online travelers in their decision-making process.
As a result, "40% of travel companies now rate social media as increasingly important in connecting tourists with their business."

Every Independent Hotelier should be aware of the emerging discovery trend among online travelers. Many of them now first discover brands and products on social media, and then make search based on specific keywords on search engines.
ex: California Boutique Hotel San Francisco

The following statistics demonstrate this trend:
- After browsing social websites, 52% of travelers made changes to their original plans.
- 52% of travelers search social media to find vacation ideas.

Source: Tnooz

To finish, the discovery trend can also be justified by the social development of well-known companies like Facebook and Airbnb. Facebook indeed launched a "Want" button, and Airbnb created a "Wishlist", and recently released  "neighborhoods" in order to improve the online consumer experience by enhancing the "discovery" process on their platforms.

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