Thursday, January 24, 2013

The essential of "Luxury Holiday Marketing Recap" for the Hospitality Industry

Two days ago, Luxury Daily held the webinar "Luxury Holiday Marketing Recap: What Worked, What didn't, Lessons Learnt.

Although it was focused on Luxury Brands in the Retail Industry, the hospitality industry can learn a lot from the strategies adopted during the holiday season.

The slideshare below is a summary of the discussion, and exposes the main marketing trends and strategies to develop in 2013:

Luxury Holiday Marketing Recap - Luxury Daily Webinar from Emilie Alba

The original and complete presentation of the webinar can be obtained by sending an email to

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Library of the future...

Have you already imagined a library without any physical books...? One can admit that it is not the traditional use of this kind of place!

The city of San Antonio (US) will become the precursor of a new trend, by opening a library that will only provide desks, chairs, lamps... kindles, computers and tablets!
Poeple living around this library will then be able to borrow e-readers to bring home for 2 weeks, on which they will have access to database of the library. After these 2 weeks, the e-reader will be de-activated, and the borrower will not be able to use it anymore.

Some limits though, according to the CSMonitor: 
  • Some communities are not ready for it yet, and this could involve more staff expenses to help train people get familiar with digital books; 
  • A lot of content is not available in a digital format; 
  • A library is a meeting point, a social place where people are supposed to gather and discuss about their favourite stories for example; we can wonder whether this digitally-oriented place will connect people better than a traditional library... 

What is your opinion about this new generation of library? "Progressive or pointless*"?

* Best comments on SodaHead: 
"Isn't that like having a restaurant with no food?"
"Isn't a library without books called a "compuer lab"?"
HAHA ;-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

getListed - Easily Manage Your Online Business Listings

In 2012, the launch of Google+ Local was the opportunity for businesses to review their entire online presence... and mostly, to make sure that all their listings - on local recommendation sites - were updated and optimized with photos, reviews, backlinks, etc...

As the latter were valued on Google+, it could therefore be assumed that coherent and complete business listings on local recommendation sites would influence businesses ranking among top results on Google Search Engines.

getListed is a great tool to help you both review and update your business presence on local recommendation sites.

No wonder SEOmoz recently acquired getListed !

Time to discover getListed, right below !