Thursday, October 4, 2018

KLM in-app AR - check carry on - will your bag pass?

#KLM airline innovates on their ChatBot using Augmented Reality. Travelers can check baggage size, avoid problems at airport checkin.

See how it works - video below

KLM offers some additional, entertaining AR goodies via App.

Read the full article here:

KLM Packs AR Suitcase into iPhone App to Help Passengers Check Luggage

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Think UX - User Friendly Manual Info via Instrkiv

Thank you, Ferry Vermeulen, Director at Instrkiv , for sharing his enthusiasm for UX - user friendly interfaces. 

We are all experiencing the dynamics of accelerating change, smaller screens, visual orientation of communications all of which combine to make user experience key to digital (and print) communications.

Instrkiv's focus is just that...making manuals, documentation, tools + training easy to understand, therefore actionable.

While most of us to do not create manuals or do technical writing, Instrkiv is sharing 'The Ultimate Guide To User-Friendly Manuals' via PDF download.

Easy to search online using Ultimate Guide + Instrkiv

A worthy share for UX thinking!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hotels Use AI - Deliver Awesome User Experience

Chatbots Magazine details Intelligent Travel companions impact for Hotel Guests.

Key Quote:
"Travellers have evolved lately and desire a great mixture of high-grade personalization and exceptional service standards on the go. On the other hand, hotel operations often get complicated due to heavy amounts of data about visitors and hotel staff, resulting in critical challenges related to flawless customer experience. This is where intelligent travel phones can come to assist".
AI enabled phones permit hotels to deliver:
  • Fast online assistance
  • Personalized options and recommendations
  • Saving user preferences and page visits
  • Travel bookings and safe routes
  • Advanced meal/drink preferences
  • Room booking and reservations
 Combined with AI voice enabled tools, such as Amazon's Alexa, offer guests easy, efficient methods of 'ordering' services.
"Guests save time and efforts by placing their order without spending time typing the request details using touch gestures on their mobile phone. Alexa is there to fetch information, note down and suggest pre-emptively. Hotel staff receives the precise order in the first attempt without even refining it, which ensures smoother, faster customer service".

Room Service chatbot conversation below:
Chatbots Magazine - Alexa conversation with Hotel Guest

Full Read Chatbots Magazine article - 

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

CMH MBA Paris - green local social @ #HotelHackfest

       CMH Academy Paris #HotelHackfest = an inspiring, innovative session!

Now for the hard part - choosing the winning Hack Road Map for Green - Local - Social.  Student submissions are amazing!  

Our strategy advisors were great!!  They helped teams understand the challenges of implementing change, from owners' perspective

Anthony, from HES, spoke of his first hand eco experience in Brazil.  Real life + impressive!  Each advisor was a recent grad of CMH MBA program.

Alison is truly social - she postedMOB hotel photos + blog comments!

Our team really enjoyed the Hackfest at the MOB Hotel. It was entertaining and unexpected and the croissants were delicious! Also, it was the opportunity for us to visit the MOB Hotel which is quite the place!
At the end of the "meeting", we got some ideas about green concepts and how to be a green hotelier. We hope you will like our idea as much as we do! 

Winners will be announced tomorrow - watch this space!!!  More CMH Photos!!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TravelTripper #mobile bookings stats 2018 = success tips

 #Hotels - it is a Mobile First World!!

Travel Tripper blog published important stats for bookings via mobile.   

Over one third of people now use a mobile device to book a hotel room. That’s according to the latest Travel Flash Report by Criteo.

Success Tips for Hotel Direct Bookings via Mobile:

  • fast and frictionless experience - best accomplished by mobile dedicated site + hotel's RWD site
  • assure mobile customers feel they’re receiving the most relevant information 
  • assure mobile is best price possible - no need to go to desktop site to book
    • consider creating + promoting 'mobile rate' 

Read full article - Travel Tripper Important Mobile Booking Stats for Hotels

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