Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why #mobilemindset?

Everybody is talking about MOBILE, but do you know how crucial mobile really is for a 2015 business? Visit our website for more info!

  • Check these +GoogleMobileAds videos that show the increase of mobile search and purchase.

  • And this +adidas  case study that proves the impact of mobile marketing

  • +Skift good graph: mobile is not only for search but also for direct booking!

Desktop is decreasing! Go Mobile before your competitors!

Here are some interesting figures from +Rezdy :

  • Millennials touch their smartphones 43x per day (SDL)
  • Up to a week before travel, 5.3% of travelers would make a last-minute booking on a tablet, 43.8% on mobile (Eye for Travel)
  • 94% of TripAdvisor customers are using mobile to research local things to do (Cross Media Live)
  • 23% of leisure and 26% of business travelers use their mobile browser to book vacation activities (Google)
  • 67% of smartphone users said they were more likely to purchase from a business’ mobile-friendly site, while 61% said they’d most likely leave a site that wasn’t optimised for mobile (Tourism Research Australia)
  • 52% of travelers used a smart phone or tablet to complete travel bookings. Of those 52%, 23% opted to use their smart phone while 29% made their reservations on their tablet (JiWire)
  • Return on Investment on tablets is 70% better than desktops (Adobe)
  • 74% of people said that “If a site works well on a mobile phone I am more likely to return to it in the future” (Search Engine Watch)
  • More than 60% of United States users want a smart phone site to load and work properly within 3 seconds or less (Forbes)
  • 87% of global and 85% of American travelers use mobile devices while traveling (Trip Barometer)
  • On holiday, 24% of travelers use their smartphones for reading reviews, while 22% use their tablets (Trip Barometer)
  • 66% of US and UK tablet owners use tablets for researching product information before buying (Econsultancy)
  • Mobile growth will outpace both total and online growth to account for more than 25% of total vs online travel bookings (Business Insider)
  • Barriers to overcome in mobile are bad UX design, friction that keeps users from completing transactions, and lack of Wi-Fi & 4G coverage (Business Insider)
  • US sales of travel bookings via mobile devices will go from $6.15B in 2012 to $39.5B in 2015. (Phocuswright)
  • Between 2013 and 2017, mobile phone penetration will rise from 61.1% to 69.4% of the global population (Eye for travel)
  • US consumers will spend more time on mobile devices than PCs in 2014: 3 hours per day (Eye for travel)
  • When using Facebook, 37% access the site via desktop, while 68% access the site via mobile (Eye for travel) Full article
You know all about #mobilemindset but don't really know how to start? Contact us at OneGlobeNetwork, a specialized digital marketing agency for independent businesses.

Monday, December 15, 2014

They understood the importance of #mobile in the #travel industry

+Skift published the "5 New Travel Startups That Know the Future of Travel is Mobile"

At OneGlobe Network, we promote the #mobilemindset because we believe that mobile is definitely the future for companies development and particularly for the travel industry.

Here are examples of new travel startups that definitely understood the #mobilemindset!
  • Funlidays = an App to plan your itinerary and have access to it offline
  • Tastemakersafrica = "for millennial travelers looking to explore African countries without traditional packaged tours"
  • +Okanda AG = a booking Platform for meeting rooms
  • +LookBooker = a booking Platform for beauty and hairdresser appointments when traveling

  • These Brands definitely understood the importance of SOCIAL and MOBILE in today travel industry!
You understood the importance but you don't know how to do it? Contact us at OneGlobe Network!

Read the full post on Skift

Monday, December 8, 2014

How to deal with #Socialmedia for independant hôtels?


  • Each interaction does not have the same value = Likes, Favorites or Views < Comments < Shares or Retweet (should be your goal)
The two operations you could use to analyse the efficiency of your social media operations (publishing, follow, retweets, shares, etc)
  • Total engagement (comments, likes, retweets, etc) / Total content = Content Effectiveness
  • Total followers / Unique followers who interact = Community quality
After measuring my performance, how can I improve?
  • Take care of your engaged customers. (respond, like, retweet)
  • Follow pages/people that could offer you good content for you to be reshared. (Ex: Office du tourisme Paris, +Condé Nast Traveler)
  • Choose contents of quality = what could interest my guests and my target audience? Ex: tips that could facilitate their trip, advices on your city, etc.
  • Use storytelling. Your customers wants more than just contents. They want a story and emotions. Also, they will remember your brand more easily. (Try to create small videos also with just images with the Platform animoto for example, or try to create little games that tells the story of your hotel or about Paris)
  • You must be ACTIVE in the long term. (Connect maybe just 1 time/week if you don't have time but it is better than nothing or than post a lot for 1 week and then don't post anymore)
  • Promote the destinations (not just the hotel) (For example: Pictures or the 10 reasons Paris is an wonderful city, etc)
  • Create little games, contests to engage your customers. They want to be involved and to participate. (Just a simple best winter picture for example with a 10% discount on their stay)
  • Celebrate and exchange with your followers. (For instance: Thank you for following us, today we reached the 200 followers! We are very happy to have you with us!)
Be #mobilemindset
  • People use social media mainly on their smartphones = you MUST ADAPT.
  • Have a responsive and adapted website (visit Oneglobe extra for more information)
  • Use visuals, pictures (with text overlays using very simple tools such as picmonkey or canva)

Which one of those posts do you think will get more your attention when mobile surfing?

Read more on +Skift 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#Social Media Tips for #Time Saving

+KISSmetrics published a great time saving method in how to deal with #socialmedia 
To start creating it can be quite a challenge and very time consuming, when you are looking for specific information and there is so many in the web you can end up in a completely different subject at 3 am in the morning.

Thats why this great ideas will help you to double the amount of your social media with just half the effort

1. Create a schedule: 
To be present in peoples mind is something that has to be done day by day with constant time and effort, you waste time by having to reopen all social media tools, log in log out accounts and so on, The #timesaving solution is to do the whole social media section in an "unbroken section of concentration" one hour or two a day
  1. Make a calendar, how many hours? what days?
  2. Schedule several post at that time
  3. Monitor your social media metrics
2. Collect as you go
How much time it can take to choose and collect information, with so much interesting information going around the web?
* Put every information you found in one single place a great example is +Evernote a very simple but powerful app to use in your computer and phone, there are may different others to try too.
3. Share it more than once 
As we are going global, plus the different time zones, plus people having different activities and different schedules is ok to share it two or three times a day!
Remember, using social media can be very helpful for your business
If you want a more detail information about this go to 
http://bit.ly/Zm6u0z +KISSmetrics 

Discover the new travel #App #FieldTrip!

+Field Trip, a mobile App created by Google, localizes you and offers you tips, stories and information about what surround you (restaurants, buildings, monuments, etc).
  • Great for travelers who do not know the city
  • But also for locals who think they know all the secrets of their city
The thing about FieldTrip is that you don't have to ask for the information but the info is given to you!
Also, this App does not disconnect you from the world but, on the contrary, digital links you to the "real world".
Finally, Fieldtrip uses the algorithm of Google Search to analyze what kind of information would be relevant for you.
This project has been imagined by John Hanke, the creator of Earth Viewer, later recalled Google Earth.
Read more. 



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#Picmonkey VS #Canva

  • Simple and free
  • Very good for image editing:
           - Faces touch up
           - Effects 
           - Frames
  • Easy to save and share
  • Text effects (e.g. overlay)
  • Good for collages (spaces for photo pre-organized and very clear)
  • Only a few pre-adapted sizes for the initial design
  • No text designs
  • Less freedom when creating a collage
To conclude: PicMonkey is very good for "organized" works (e.g. work presentations) and image editing.


  • Simple and free 
  • Good for creative collages (You can mix text designs & images)
  • Adapted sizes for any type of document you would like to create. (e.g. Twitter post, Facebook cover, card, flyer, a Google + post, etc.)
  • Fun text designs  
  • Some free images
  • Direct links to share and print                                                            
  • Can be long to load and save.
  • The saving sometimes does not work very well.
  • Less "pre-organized" than Picmonkey
So, in case of problems with saving, I recommend you to download Jing, a free and very simple program which allows you to take screen shots of the part you want to have, either all the screen or a small part of it.
To conclude: Canva is good for creative and more "fun" works (e.g. invitations). Also well adapted to social media differences. 


If you have any questions or comments about this post, do not hesitate!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#mobilemindset - Silent Traveler Signature Moves - Self Empowered

Hospitality app provider +LoungeUp published a comprehensive approach to reaching 'Silent Traveler'.

The Silent Traveler is self-empowered by mobile device, of the user's choice. Essentially, the Silent Traveler views and values a hotel  that offers mobile-focused hotel service:

  • Single in-destination app for range of desired information + recommendations
  • Ability to communicate hotel services desired - extra pillows, order room service, etc.
  • Information provided in user's language preference
  • Real Time responsiveness
  • Device and operating agnostic - universal accessibility
There are a number of studies and articles detailing the preferences + behaviors of the Silent Traveler - BUT - silent is rather a misnomer.  Hotels need to listen + respond digitally to today's traveler.

An in-destination app  is more than a digital concierge - apps deliver hotel guest satisfaction via:
  • Well curated, value added content
  • Visually presented - mobile users navigate by image
  • Expressive of the hotel's personality
  • Staff committed to real time responsiveness
Full article on Lounge Up Blog here

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Airlines Flash Sales on Twitter - #Hotels in Future??

#Twitter is testing a Buy button, which will enable airlines + other retailers to offer flash sales - based on text in individual's tweets.

A quote from #Twitter spokesman:
“You can imagine how well the product would work with deals or discounts based on what users are tweeting or what they’re interested in based on their follows,” 

Skift writer @SamShankman creates an excellent example of how #hotels could use tweets to propose personalized perks:
For example, if someone was on their way to the airport for a British Airways flight to London and tweeted, “I can’t wait to fly@British_Airways & stay at @FSLondon this weekend,” then the airline or hotel could tweet the user a discount for in-flight drinks or breakfast in bed. The user could then purchase either directly through the platform.
Full article here:

Future possibilities ???
Twitter Flash Sales Hotel Rates based upon savvy Twitterers tweeting their flights + destinations???

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hotels #Mobile Marketing = Customer Engagement

A mobile mindset is essential to 'reach and resonate' with today's consumers. In this recent blog post+MDG Advertising details data behind engagement of the on-the-go customer.

Engagement, digital or otherwise, is key to guests' hospitality experience.

As hotel guests increasingly use mobile for bookings and concierge services, hoteliers will need to grow talent equipped with mobile skills.

More importantly, providing mobile in-destination services means thinking beyond the stay.  As OTAs' strategies include owning the total travel experience, guest engagement via mobile is essential.

Mobile mindset + mobile skills + hotel services delivery app = 
direct hotel revenue.

Is your hotel team ready for mobile empowered guests?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

#DigitalMarketing Maturity Self Assessment Tool from Adobe CMO

+Adobe VP, John Mellor, presents dramatic findings from exploration of the new complexity in digital marketing.  

In addition to discussion of Digital Marketing Age of Enlightenment, Mr. Mellor states that Best in Class Marketers have significant financial impact as well as progress the pace of expertise.

Key Results:
  • 'best in class' marketing professionals/teams have a significantly higher financial impact - quote below
    "In the travel and retail verticals, best-in-class marketers posted a 200% higher conversion rate. The best marketers in finance had 50% higher stickiness. "
  • Best in class marketers - they’re getting better at a faster rate than anyone else 
  • Best in Class is related to Marketing Maturity

The Forbes article is linked to a helpful Digital Marketing Self Assessment tool, permitting readers to rate personal levels of Digital Marketing Maturity.

Interestingly, Digital Marketing Maturity is NOT related to time in grade but use of strategy, alignment with business goals and deployment of effective digital marketing tools...an excellent slideshare modeling Digital Marketing Maturity.

Full disclosure - I am part of the SABI University team designing Digital Marketing Online Certification Courses to help motivated individuals accomplish Best in Class Digital Marketing skills.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#Hotels - In Destination #Mobile Services Imperative to YOUR Guest Relationship

+LoungeUp published an insightful blog post warning #hoteliers to act quickly and provide mobile services... or risk losing guest communication to OTAs.

Key Points from Lounge Up post

  • 80% of travellers want to easily access local amenities on their devices (MCD study),
    • This means think beyond the stay - think in destination, local experience
  • Independent travellers increasingly look to mobile as a first choice in solving travel problems and want little face-to-face contact with a hotel front desk
  • Priceline, TripAdvisor and other big budget online travel companies have purchased restaurant bookings sites, online tour + local activities booking sites

In short, these global companies seek to own the traveler from end to end... 
     the total guest experience
  • Travel Inspiration
  • Travel planning
  • Booking - air, hotel, ground
  • In Destination Bookings - restaurants, exhibits, activities
  • Social Sharing Rewards
  • Post stay communications
  • Personal Referral Networks
This quote from Priceline's CMO should rouse all hotels to action
MTA Hotel Tonight has already added keyless mobile checkin to their app (Tnooz)

What to do:
  • Create mobile services expertise in-house - a team approach is best
  • Engage a hotel mobile services platform - as essential to hotels as booking engines
  • Start with essential hotel concierge services 
  • Enhance by adding local partners, events and 'insider' tips
  • On an ongoing basis, increase mobile as a guest engagement point
  • Communicate your mobile services at each digital touchpoint - email, site, Facebook, Google +, etc.
    • I strongly recommend an identifiable icon - similar to WiFi 

If you need some additional info, please get in touch - we are happy to help.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hotels Social Shout Outs = Points + Perks

Excellent article - You Like a Hotel, It Likes You Back - a brief on major hotel groups rewarding guests and visitors who share socially.

Among the Profiled are:

But the most intriguing + innovative is +Hotelied, Inc. 

Consolidating members loyalty programs, Hotelied is a matchmaker for travelers who are 'point active', socially active + are community influencers with hotels seeking guests with 'social capital'.

Key quote:
Members are "asked to add your social media networks and your hotel and airline loyalty programs. That information is then used to decide which rates you’re charged based on whether the hotel is, as the site explains, targeting frequent travelers, loyal travelers or “guests who work in specific industries such as fashion, entertainment, business, or education."

Full article in New York Times 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mindshift #DigitalMarketing to Marketing in a #Digital #World

In a recent interview in The Business Standard+Adobe  VP of Digital Strategy, Suresh Vittal, states:
"It's not digital marketing; but marketing in a world that's digital."
Wise advice - as consumers outpace marketers in utilization of all things digital. 

Full interview here:

#DigitalMarketing fast becoming integrated digital marketing - orchestrated across customer groups, devices and digital touchpoints.

This shift requires a radical change in mindset, new skill sets and even hybrid roles such as Chief Marketing Technologist.

#Hotels Search via #Mobile Up 86% in Summer

+Think with Google issued summer mobile search stats - the results are startling for hotels!! 

Key Findings:

  • The shift to mobile search grew 86%
  • Search terms include 'from deals to directions'
  • Impact - simply a version of a hotel's main website is not sufficient - content needs to easily accomplish mobile searchers' tasks.

Key Question on Think with Google:
Are you capturing demand across screens? Are you showing consumers the type of content they’re looking for? Is your marketing contextually relevant?
Hoteliers - the mobile opportunity is now - we would be happy to help with Oneglobe's Go Mobile Book Direct offer customized for hotels + serviced apartments.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Creative Shortlist - Campaigns featured in ECBA Digital Marketing Programs

Unexpected!! - Toyota + Google Plus team up enabling collaborative + customized car buying. One of the innovative campaigns featured on +Think with Google Creative Shortlist, the campaign is  imaginative combination of Google Hangouts, Streetview and humans.  

The creative thinking behind the campaign is standout.

Key Concept = Real Time Remix - a quick, fun video!!

+Think with Google is one of the cutting edge resources available to SABI University ECBA Digital Marketing certification program participants.

Full disclosure - I am a member of the SABI University team developing Executive E-learning programs. H/T SABI blog post.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Honeycomb #Hotel by B-AND-BEE Belgium for Festivals

'Sustainable sleeping options' = key concept behind the +B-AND-BEE designed honeycomb hotel. Fun factor built in!!

Ready to roll out for 2015 festivals, this accommodation clearly will attract social media mavens, who value eco-smarts.

WIRED magazine's description
It looks like the lovechild of Japanese capsule hotel and a super luxe glamping tent. And I want to sleep in it.
Me too!!

Découvrez un monde de contenus et de services avec U snap - #Application

Avec U snap, accédez directement à des contenus et services digitals gratuitsn en photographiant simplement une publicité que vous voyez dans la rue et prochainement dans la presse.

U snap, application créée par +JCDecaux, vous aurez l'opportunité de visionner des bandes annonces, être guidé vers la boutique la plus proche pour bénéficer d'offres exclusives, accéder aux informations et conseils proposés par les marques, participer à des jeux concours et découvrir toujours plus.

Chaque semaine, vous pourrez découvrir de nouvelles publicités intéractives en ouvrant simplement l'application U snap en plus de celle que vous verrez dans la rue, gare, aéroport et autres lieux de mobilités.

Vous disposez, également, d'une fonction Mes Snaps, qui vous permet de prolonger et partager votre experience en accédant directement aux contenus et services que vous avez obtenus.

Voyez les publicités autrement avec U snap.

Disponible sur Iphone et maintenant sur Android

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Paris Hotel Le General invites bloggers for a free overnight stay - August is social month

+Le General Hotel #Paris is celebrating August as Social Month !  

Bloggers, Instagramers, Pinteresters, Twitters, Google Plussers are invited for a free overnight stay, during the month of August...complements of Le General Hotel Paris

This fun and funky hotel is just steps away from newly renovated Place de la Republique...a center for concerts and events.  

The location is perfect for socially active bloggers and photographers to discover the trendy neighborhoods near Canal St. Martin, the cafes, wine bars and unique restaurants around Rue Oberkampf.  Nearby Rue Amelot is blossoming with galleries, local bars and cafes.

To request a free overnight stay during the month of August, simply Contact Us via this site!!

The friendly hotel staff looks forward to welcoming you in social style!!  
Social Month guests will be featured in L'Art de Vivre blog.
Free WiFi throughout Le General Hotel Paris.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

+SebastienFelix interview at Digital Landscape Paris

+Sébastien Félix shared Influencer Marketing insights with particpants from UPAEP University during the Digital Landscape series, in #Paris.

Sebastien and his colleague Hugo Marchand founded SnapTraveller to match hotels, needing visibility in social eco-systems, with active, engaging online publishers - known as Influencers.

SnapTraveller is highly successful at matching Influencers with the right hotel concept, to benefit both.  Influencers on the SnapTraveller platform request a complimentary overnight stay and in turn, write-photo-pin and share the content with THEIR audiences.

Participants had questions about the concept and business model.  A number of them are inspired to become Influencers.

Sebastien has co-authored an excellent E-book 'Influence Marketing - A New Opportunity for Hospitality'

So thank you Sebastien - that you share your time and expertise is much appreciated.  Much success to the SnapTraveller team.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Digital Landscape Knowledge Sessions - IEMI Paris for UPAEP

The #Oneglobe team is delighted to to lead the Digital Landscape sessions at +IEMI MBA this week.  The topics are exciting and challenging.  The participants from +UPAEP are enthusiastic and engaged.

Topics include:
Perfect timing - 14 Juillet Holiday tomorrow...onto our advanced sessions the 15th.

Will keep you posted.  Digital Landscape online classroom.