Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#mobilemindset - Silent Traveler Signature Moves - Self Empowered

Hospitality app provider +LoungeUp published a comprehensive approach to reaching 'Silent Traveler'.

The Silent Traveler is self-empowered by mobile device, of the user's choice. Essentially, the Silent Traveler views and values a hotel  that offers mobile-focused hotel service:

  • Single in-destination app for range of desired information + recommendations
  • Ability to communicate hotel services desired - extra pillows, order room service, etc.
  • Information provided in user's language preference
  • Real Time responsiveness
  • Device and operating agnostic - universal accessibility
There are a number of studies and articles detailing the preferences + behaviors of the Silent Traveler - BUT - silent is rather a misnomer.  Hotels need to listen + respond digitally to today's traveler.

An in-destination app  is more than a digital concierge - apps deliver hotel guest satisfaction via:
  • Well curated, value added content
  • Visually presented - mobile users navigate by image
  • Expressive of the hotel's personality
  • Staff committed to real time responsiveness
Full article on Lounge Up Blog here

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