Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Airlines Flash Sales on Twitter - #Hotels in Future??

#Twitter is testing a Buy button, which will enable airlines + other retailers to offer flash sales - based on text in individual's tweets.

A quote from #Twitter spokesman:
“You can imagine how well the product would work with deals or discounts based on what users are tweeting or what they’re interested in based on their follows,” 

Skift writer @SamShankman creates an excellent example of how #hotels could use tweets to propose personalized perks:
For example, if someone was on their way to the airport for a British Airways flight to London and tweeted, “I can’t wait to fly@British_Airways & stay at @FSLondon this weekend,” then the airline or hotel could tweet the user a discount for in-flight drinks or breakfast in bed. The user could then purchase either directly through the platform.
Full article here:

Future possibilities ???
Twitter Flash Sales Hotel Rates based upon savvy Twitterers tweeting their flights + destinations???

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