Monday, December 9, 2013

+CitizenM Hotels - Hotel Check In transformed via Kiosks

+citizenM hotels caters to the global mobile C generation (C=connected).  Great background video on how this Hotel Group innovates guest experiences + delivers excellent guest satisfaction.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Google + Hangout for Guerlain Relaunch #Paris Boutique

A Google + Hangout on Air combines beauty bloggers, live interview and video in a clever approach to preview Guerlain re-imagined 'maison' on the Champs Elysees.

A very effective method of achieving digital connectedness while assuring tradition for this historical perfume creator. 

The Youtube video is definitely worth watching to see how G+ platofrm can be both personal and professional.

Monday, November 11, 2013

#econsultancy analysis Hyatt Hotels digital experience

I especially appreciated the Google Plus review. The hospitality industry definitely needs a better understanding of Google +, positive guidelines for engaging posts and 'reach' impact.

Hoteliers still seem to regard social media, and the Net in general, as simply a sales channel.  The reality is that all digital touchpoints encompass the hotel guest experience.

2 predictions:

  • Web Experience Optimization will become an important skill - hybrid role marrying marketing + digitally delivered services.
  • How long before TripAdvisor, and other satisfaction surveys,  includes digital services ratings in their review criteria?
H/T Ben Davis at +Econsultancy - I will use your analysis model with my MBA students.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

#Oslo Greenbag social campiagn - hashtag for a cause

Oslo #greenbag campaign capitalized on peoples' quirk to food photo combined with gamification + route rewards to successfully spread a recycle message.

View the case study via video...h/t and travel ads from Skift

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunconnect by #ThomasCook takes digital hotel services to a new level

Thomas Cook announces SunConnect for their resort properties.

Finally, a travel and hospitality organization that truly understands 'connectedness' as central to delivering guest services and engaging communications.  Moving far beyond free WiFi + micro-sites, Sunconnect is 'high touch' via 'high tech'.

Key Quote:
SunConnect is the first sun and beach holiday experience to use digital technology including a user-friendly website, free wireless internet throughout the resort-site, and the ability to browse and book daily activities through smartphones and tablets. Customers will be supported by a ConnectScout - a web-savvy holiday host who will facilitate digital activities for the whole family such as geocaching or Xbox gaming.

It is a very exciting time for digitally delivered guest service innovations.  Futuremakers will continue to publish examples of excellence in Service 3.0.

Glassdoor Mobile Now Sends Job Openings to You

Forget the hunt.

Friday, November 1, 2013

#LoungeUp Paris mobilizes Guest Service at Hotel Mercure Opera Garnier

Lounge Up, mobile app for hotel industry empowering guest communication and service delivery, has released this video in co-operation with Hotel Mercure Opera Garnier.  Marc Pilard, Deputy Director, explains the impact of mobilizing guest communications + services at his hotel.  

Excellent to hear from hospitality professionals how they plan to dialogue + deliver services to continuously connected, smart phone enabled hotel guests.

Very forward looking on the part of Mercure. Bravo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#FutureofSEO - Thanks to #Hubspot

The always excellent + expertise generous Hubspot pulished The Future of SEO 2013 slideshare. 

 I will share with my hotel + serviced apartment clients to help them better understand why we are doing 'sustainable adapatbility' tactics.

Buffer and Feedly- Powerful Curation Tagteam

Any individual or organization who regularly publishes content online will benefit from these tools.

Feedly is a media reader that allows users to follow their favorite blogs, news, and other publications. Feedly's simple data stream is extremely user-friendly. Look at all of your streaming content at once or filter it with customized categories.

My barebones homepage with bold headlines that say it all.
If you're on the search for new content, switch over the the +Add Content tab and search by category or enter a URL directly into the search bar.

I'm always looking for inspiration, thanks Feedly!
Once you have found life changing content you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, (and more if you pay a monthly fee for the Feedly Pro account) by just clicking a button on the Feedly toolbar.

Check out this popular video tutorial by Johnny Beirne for even more information. It is a little dated so Feedly has since updated their interface, but it is helpful nonetheless:

Buffer App
Before you sign up for Feedly and end up frustrating all of your friends and followers because you are excitedly oversharing, get Buffer. The amazing sharing scheduler that allows you to decide when your content is published.

Don't worry about posting at the same time everyday, Buffer does it all for you.
Post directly to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ or upgrade to Awesome Buffer and 'connect up to 12 social networks at once'.

Here is SocialScoop's Buffer App tutorial:
The browser extension is great if you want to Buffer content on the fly but Feedly generally leads me to all of the content I could possibly need and more.

Happy hunting! Do let me know if you find anything interesting.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hotel Service on Smartphones - tech market heats up

As an analyst of changing guest service expectations,  hotel Service 3.0, I am seeing more and more provider entries into the marketplace.  This service+satisfaction tech by Neon is one of the latest.

While each provider has pro's + con's of capabilities, the most important aspect is that independent hotels + smaller, hospitality groups will be able to compete effectively with major brands in the area of digitally delivered services. 

 Creatively crafted services will permit small budget hotels to differentiate in the marketplace.

A smart article from Skift on the topic - Smartphones as the Concierges of the Future

NEON Concierge Screencast from Ryan on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Net Skills for busy hospitality pros - a cheatsheet

Oneglobe is collaborating with HER Consulting to provide HER readers with easy, actionable methods to stay ahead of the 'firehose' of industry info while saving time.

Here is our SUPER easy cheatsheet - guaranteed to make your life easier!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Google Presentation, Emaze, or Prezi: Which presentation platform is right for you?

If you don't want the pros and cons, check out Final Summary at the end of the post.

The most interesting content can appear dull if you do not choose an appropriate presentation platform. Powerpoint is no longer the only way to inform an audience, and in my opinion that is a great thing.

Google Presentation, Emaze, and Prezi are three examples of FREE presentation platforms that one could use. You can easily embed your presentation in a website or blog or share your presentations with fellow collaborators using any of these platforms. However, there are differences that should influence your decision. Check out the pros and cons below.

Google Presentation
Just another tool that Google Drive provides. In Google Drive choose Create>Presentation to create your own.


  • Easy to use: If you have used Powerpoint before this will be familiar.
  • Hyperlinks: You can add a hyperlink to any object you can click. Text, image, or other.
  • Great for collaboration: Allows you to add comments and even chat with other collaborators.
  • Boring: Powerpoint is old news. People don't engage with paragraphs of text on blank slides.
Google Presentation in action

A beta platform that will amaze and delight you.

  • Looks great: Emaze is never boring. The templates that are provided will keep your audience engaged.
  • Easy to use: The controls are straight forward and mostly familiar.
  • Hyperlinks: You can add hyperlinks to objects such as text.
  • Glitchy: Emaze is a beta site, so you can expect some glitches. This is generally not a problem if you patiently wait for it to catch up.
  • Limited template options: Your options are limited, but the templates the do provide are stunning.
Emaze in action
Powered by emaze
If you have a bit of time to learn Prezi, your content will not be dull. Viewers will stay engaged.

  • Looks great: With a little creativity, you really can do anything in Prezi.
  • Many template options: There is a template for any presentation.
  • Smooth: Both Emaze and Prezi have great visuals, but Prezi has smoothed out nearly all of the glitches.
  • Takes a bit of getting used to: If your presentation deadline is in 10 minutes and you have never used Prezi, don't start now.
  • No Hyperlinks: You can paste an entire link into a textbox, but you cannot create a text link.
Prezi in action

Final Summary
  • Use Prezi if you want to amaze your audience and you have a bit of time to figure out the controls.
  • Use Emaze if you want to amaze your audience and don't have as much time. You also may want to consider another option if you cannot endure a glitch now and again.
  • Use Google Presentation if you have a lot of text and a lot of slides. Especially if you're working with others that have Google accounts.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marriott Mobile Check In - #London Launch

At Modul University Hospitality Service 3.0 presentation, we used Marriott's Mobile check in as an example of guests' experiences driving service expectations and new 'standards'.

Now we see the news that Marriott Mobile check in is moving beyond the US - happily - and London is among the next cities.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hospitality Service 3.0 - Modul U presentation

There was a responsive group of 90+ participants for our Oct 3 presentation at Modul University in Vienna.  All Net savvy, the students were amazed at the speed of change that is already occurring.

We owe Mathieu Pollet of Lounge Up great thanks for setting up 'guest experience' access to the Lounge Up app.  The participants were most impressed at the possibilities to create services that delight guests.

Also, a sincere merci to Hani El Sharkawi, Department Head at Modul Careers for the invitation.

Below is our intro slideshow - videos of digitally delivered services and the full presentation is here.  This important conversation will continue online - please join us.

Thank you Stephanie Bond for assist with creations + presentation.

Powered by emaze

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Collaborative Economy - Accommodation, Transport, Resource sharing

An excellent, very visual Slideshare by SparksandHoney illustrating the growth in collaborative economy.

Progressive thinkers will see opportunities in this trend, which is projected to grow exponentially.

Jeremiah Owyang, an expert analyst,  writes on  #collaborativeeconomy extensively + predictively.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleeping with strangers for a hotel discount?

Sleeping with strangers could easily be a title for a thriller. But in that case, instead of fear, this might bring a little happiness, especially for those who love a good bargain. 

In the latest sharing economy trend, this website has been created for travelers who don’t mind sleeping with strangers to save a few dollars. 

One room, two beds
The premise: given that hotels and resorts charge guests per room and night, Easynest allows solo travelers to shack up with fellow lodgers so that everyone can slash their hotel bill in half “…and make new friends.”

After signing up with Easynest, users link their profile with social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter for virtual introductions. The more complete and fleshed-out the profile, the more likely guests will send requests.

After listing the hotel with dates and location, fellow users with similar travel itineraries can peruse the site and contact hosts.

The concept behind Easynest isn’t far behind that of Couchsurfing, where homeowners open up their living rooms, guest rooms and couches to strangers. But for some (or many) going to a strangers house might be too much. For those, Easynest is a good compromise. 

Looking for a companion to keep you company for part or all of your trip? TravBuddy is another site that pairs up open-minded, adventurous solo travelers with likeminded holidaymakers.

So, do you think hotels will like that? On one hand, they could be selling "half" the rooms, but on the other hand, they might have guests that weren't going to the hotel in the first place... 

Too old for a hostel, too cheap for a hotel? This could be the solution...

Let us know what you think!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hospitality Now - Ministry of Ideas at Le Miami = visionary + courageous

Collectives of diverse hospitality innovators may replace traditional industry least it feels that way at Le Miami. 

The founders' vision  =
The contemporary definition of luxury isn’t about money. It’s about creating an inimitable experience based on style, space, wellbeing, content, design, authenticity, storytelling, urbanity and innovation. The future belongs to the pioneers with the capacity and bravery to act on this cultural shift first. Our purpose is to identify and unite them.
An excellent conversation starter presented by Seth Godin - key take away - average is a race to the bottom.

Absolutely worth the viewing time.

Seth Godin at LE Miami's Ministry of Ideas from LE Miami on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LinkedIn University Pages helps you choose a school

Going through thousands of brochures to choose a school is not easy. They all show the same thing: everybody happy, with their books under a beautiful tree... C'mon, we all know what really matter when choosing a college: PARTIES! Ok, just kidding. Although parties are important, what really matters in a school is what you are going to do after it. Where are you going to work, what are your chances to succeed and which fields of study each school has as a strong point.

Thinking about that, LinkedIn announced last Monday, August 19,  the global launch of the University Pages, a service with pages of universities around the world that aims to help users decide which college to attend. The profile of universities will be more than just a page with institutional information and news. Universities will be able to ask questions and get to know the future students (and vice versa).

The tool also will provide easy info through various filters and statistics collected from the data of former students of these institutions that have a LinkedIn profile.

The blue bars indicate in which field or in which company the
former students are working in.
Within the pages of each university it will be possible to see what kind of leaders the school "creates", see which institutions are more focused on which goal (for example: universities with economics courses more focused on the financial market), contact with students and alumni for more information and filter results by location, company, industry and lknow which skills the former students have acquired throughout their professional careers.

The page also displays the profile of successful alumni in the institution (did you know that Eric Shuster, founder of Intel went to the University of Phoenix?), the user's friends who graduated at the site and a list of schools with similar profiles worldwide. The search also helps find people who studied in the same university in the same period from the user and shows indicators on where the majority lives and works today. Almost creepy right?

Because of this, LinkedIn is preparing a change in its terms of use. From September 12, the social network will allow people from 13 years to build their profile on the site - until then the use was restricted to people over 18 years - so they can use the service on the years before actually going to the University.

See the video published by LinkedIn with some tips.

By @TaciOneGlobe - follow me!

Great Use of #Pinterest for #Hospitality

If you are a hotelier and wondering how to use Pinterest to enhance your digital marketing strategy and create a real community here is a great campaign for inspiration. 

Entitled pin.pack.go by Four Seasons this great use of Pinterest allows visitors to:

1. Post images related to their interests during their travels
2. Tell Four Seasons which hotel the visitor will stay in 
3. Follow and Be Followed by Four Seasons 
4. Collaborate with the Brand and receive "not-in-the-guide-books" tips

The benefits are double. The hotel chain is actively gaining followers on social platforms, building a large community, but also creating a real, non-virtual relationship which, of course, builds customer loyalty. 

For the visitor, the traveller will benefit from a customized visit and local tips and guidance (which are priceless) before, during and after the stay...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Optimizing Your #App Recommendations

The world's first Twitter themed hotel is in Spain! ¡Vámonos!

"Oh, when I go on vacation I like to turn off my phone and forget about the rest of the world"...... YEAH RIGHT! Who are we kidding? When on vacation, we are more connected then ever, after all, we have to make our friends who are working jealous, with endless pictures of our huge drinks, pool parties and awesome beaches. All with hashtags obviously: #bestsummerever #iknowyouhateme #imsexyandiknowit

Thinking about this new trend, the Meliá Hotels International, Spain's leading hotel chain, has launched a new program that transformed their innovative hotel Sol Wave House (@SolWaveHouse) in the first "Twitter Experience Hotel" in the world.

What will customers find with this Twitter Experience Hotel? The hotel offers an exclusive app, through which one can see who is online, exchange private messages, see where are other people and send 'virtual kisses'. This virtual community, available only through the hotel's wi-fi, is called #SocialWave, which each guest can access from their mobile phone or other electronic devices, checking in with your Twitter account.

The hotel has two Twitter Concierges, dedicated exclusively to meet guest requests and generate conversation via Twitter with this virtual community, acting as a link between all clients. This way guests can chat, get to know each other, and stay on top of all the events, participate, share photos, etc. Every part of the hotel is designed for guests to get engaged in a new conversation.

You can also invite other to the pool parties with the hashtag #TwitterPoolParty, where you can drink cocktails inspired by Twitter (they are mainly blue) and, for example, ask to refill the minibar writing #FillMyFridge.

In addition, the hotel has created the new #TwitterPartySuites, spacious apartments for up to 4 people. Customers of these suites can enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine, sports drinks, special service on their arrival, 20% discount on all bars and restaurants in the leisure area of ​​the Wave House, VIP network, personalized minibar, and free drinks at the #TwitterParties, which are held every Friday at the hotel.

The hotel made a video that explain in a few seconds the experience. Warning: you'll probably want to quit your job and go. #dontquityourjob

Any other ideas on how to use twitter to make guests experience unforgettable?


Monday, July 22, 2013

Why a mobile site is essential for a hotel?

Latest news! Internet sites that are not mobile-friendly will get a lower ranking in Google search. With mobile exploding, you have to pay attention to mobile traffic and your site performance on mobile phones. Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by the end of 2014. About 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online, and half of them will go online at least once every day. This presents a huge opportunity for a hotel.

According to Oneglobe Network research, around 30 % of visitors access the site from a mobile (iPhone) or a Tablet (iPad). The research was based on data from Google Analytics for main clients' accounts, mostly 4* and 5* independents hotels. 

For example in case of Le General hotel in Paris, out of around 3500 visits a month, 730 visits come from mobile devices. If a hotel's site is not mobilized and / or online booking engine is not mobile-friendly, a hotel is losing potential online reservations.

It was recently estimated that mobile traffic will be as high as 36% of all Internet global traffic by 2016. And compared to this time last year, mobile traffic is up 131% in a single year. So how can we make the most out of mobile site? Here area the basic guidelines for mobile-optimized websites.  Based on usability testing of hundreds of sites, the main guidelines for mobile-optimized websites are clear. The basic ideas for mobile site are:

Cut features to eliminate things that are not core, Minimize text entry; Defer secondary information to secondary pages;

Design for touchscreen users: enlarge interface elements to accommodate the "fat finger" problem.

Single column layouts work best

Take advantage of inbuilt functionality and call to action, calls directly, maps, QR codes.

 According to MillWardBrown survey results, speed and display constitute the top criteria for what makes a good mobile website. The results are based on responses from more than 6,000 interviews across 18 different countries.

Nearly two-thirds (64 %) of survey respondents indicated site load time was the most important aspect of a mobile site. Clear display on the mobile device (53 %) and the site’s accessibility via mobile search (47%) were also cited as important factors.

Results show mobile’s advantages over regular desktop sites. In fact, 32 % of respondents desire mobile sites that are easier to use than desktop sites. Other factors that make a mobile site superior to desktop include offering different features (25%), visual appeal (24%), and location-based features (23%).

Just as mobile web users are different, most mobile-specific search engines (such as Google Mobile) are also built in different ways. Mobile SEO exists on a different plain to desktop SEO. Sure, keywords are critical - search engines will always operate on the stuff that's fed into them - but other, newer dimensions such as location, device types and content formats are more critical to and indicative of the mobile web experience, and search engines are beginning to figuring out how best to harness them. The table on the next slide illustrates some of these differences most mobile searches are GEO focused, that is why it is crucial to orient the SEO strategy around Location keywords.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Using a Cool Tool to Help Your #SEO

You are probably increasingly hearing that SEO and social media go hand in hand together, which may have not been the case in the past. However the key for your business is to target people where they are and not just publish randomly. Having great content, which attracts they eye, which is easily shareable, which interconnects with your other platforms is part of the secret. Projeqt* is a great tool which may be just what you are looking for. The presentation below illustrates how you can use this platform to publish, create a buzz, and get people talking about your business.

*contact Projeqt directly for corporate use

View an example of a projeqt embeded in a blog by clicking here!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mobile-Optimized Websites - An Investment to Be Considered by Independent Hotels

"Optimize for mobile or you will be left out by Google"... here is what was claimed in the conversation between Danny Sullivan (founding editor of Search Engine Land) and Matt Cutts (the head of Google's Webspam team) at SMX Advanced. Get the full story here.

This assertion replies to the question "My hotel (or whatever the business) already has a Mobile Application, shall I invest in a Mobile-Optimized Website?"

Since recently, Google indeed seems to index Mobile-Optimized Websites better than Standard-Optimized Websites on both Google Search and Maps results.

At Oneglobe Network we focused on the question, and analysed the results displayed with the terms "Boutique Hotel Paris":
- a large majority of Google Maps results are Mobile-Optimized Hotel Websites
- the search engine on the mobile phone tends to display Mobile-Optimized Hotel Websites

The analysis was carried out on Safari from both a laptop and a mobile phone.

On the laptop...
On the laptop, the search results were obtained while disconnected from all Google accounts, so as not to influence the results through personalized search. 

The results we got are the following:
- no hotel website were displayed among the search results, only third-party sites were listed
- hotel websites were displayed on Google Maps results
Among the Google Maps results, 9 hotels out of 10 had a Mobile-Optimized Website.

On the mobile phone...
On the mobile phone, the results were obtained while connected on Google accounts, personalized search was therefore activated.

The result is that we got a hotel website displayed as a personalized result. And the latter was Mobile-Optimized. So, among all the parisian hotels' websites visited in the past, the one displayed by Google is a Mobile-Optimized Website. The other results displayed were third-party sites.

As a result, it can be assumed that Google Maps seems to strongly favor Mobile-Optimized Websites. This is an important fact that independent hotels should consider, insofar as Google Maps is the only chance for them to compete (in terms of online visibility) with third-party sites.

Find more about this analysis and about mobile optimization in the presentation below:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Buzzness Mobile Conference in Paris - Your doggy bag of info

The Buzzness Conference, which was held in Paris on June 18, 2013 concentrated on the world of mobile. Issues on the best mobile practises in marketing, technology, and sales were discussed. New problems and questions were also raised such as the confidentiality of company information and data when employees walk away with their smartphones.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Instagram Video - Is it the end of young Vine?

When Vine was launched in the beginning of 2013, it caused a huge comotion among the social media lovers. Sharing videos of 6 seconds in Twitter and Facebook? Well, that's a new way of showing people that funny trick your cat does or how you can put a whole slice of pizza in your mouth at once. And we are not even starting on the potencial of this app for maketing. 6 full seconds of a brand video, looping non-stop while you scroll through your feed? Genius.

In a couple of months, Vine became the most used video-sharing application in the market. On April 2013, Vine became the number one most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store. In the end, it is nothing more than "make your own gif and share it". It is silly but lovable.

However, something happened in the Facebook HQ... They were getting jealous of all the attention Vine was getting and decided to launch Instagram Videos (remember Facebook bought Instagram last year?). You know when somebody takes a good idea and make it great? That's what they did.

Instagram Video - shoot, add filter and choose cover frame
Instagram Video has many features Vine lacks: 13 filters, delete last clip of edition, choice of cover frame, shareable by email, Flickr, Tumblr and image stabilization. With more than double time of Vine, 15 seconds of video, you can show how you fit the whole slice of pizza in your mouth AND your friends laughing at you. Not to mention that you didn't need to download another app, the new feature just appeared in everybody's Instagram in the last update. On the marketing side, many brands have millions of followers on Instagram, a short video might be the perfect way to introduce that new product or service. Or maybe a sneak-peak of the office?

On the other hand, Vine has the gif-looping-feeling that is very popular and it's embedabble. It also lets you mute the video (on desktop) and has no buffering, it is click and go. 

But the real question is: does de video fits Instagram? Is it going to make the famous app lose its identity? The show-off with thousands of followers love it sure, but some are complaining it makes Instagram something it is not and still prefere Vine to share videos in Twitter or Facebook only.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?


How Local Businesses Help Your Digital Strategy

Local Businesses can be great partners in achieving a good social digital strategy. An interesting local brand is good content in the first place. By mentioning  them and letting that business know of your article will probably convince them to share the article on their own websites, social networks, and other media. This gives you access to a wider audience AND perhaps untargetted network. Also, your social  image is benefitted as you put forward a local outlet. Below is a case study on Le Général Hôtel blogging about La Boutique des Saveurs.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How an Image can Help Your SEO

Thinglink is a platform which can amplify your hotel's visiblity on the internet in various ways. The following slides demonstrate an example of how it used in the context of Le Quartier Bery Square Hôtel's overall digital markeitng.

The platform allows the hotelier to select an image and link it to all types of other social media platforms such as classical accounts (i.e. Facebook, Google +Hotel Le Quartier Bercy - Square , Youtube etc...) to more unconventional media such as social playlists (eg. Spotify).

A big advantage to thinglink is that sharing the image is user-friendly, keywords can be easily integrated, and the interaction with the visual creates a memorable and fun user experience. 

Thinglink also has new feature; "touching the image" which resembles the traditional "Facebook like". 

Monday, June 10, 2013

SEO & Manipulating New Key Words - So Jennie Luxury Bubbles

The aim of this case study was to manipulate our digital strategy in order to make the brand (So Jennie Luxury Bubbles) visible under new key terms and amplify the effect through the use of social platforms. These were chosen among niche key words and concentrated on summer local festivities. Breakthrough was mainly achieved by using alt tags on images and backlinks to sites with strong SEO success.

LoungeUp a mobile Hospitality solution to increase profit!

OTA's Impact on Visibility in Hotels

by Alex and Omayra
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Business Owners? Think of the Google Webmaster Academy!

Although SEO and Google Rankings may seem like an obscure science to the novice or the individual business owner, it's worth knowing that Google takes the time to 'explain' the basics so that you can understand and optimize your site and social noise.

Click here to see join the Academy...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

User Experience for Search Engine Optimization

Originally posted on my marketing blog

"Create consumer-friendly web pages" is a common answer to the question "How to get my business indexed on Google 1st page ?"

But what does "consumer-friendly" really mean ?

It means that the overall content of your web pages should be optimized to :
1- attract the consumers' attention
2- keep their attention
3- encourage them to share your pages

Content optimization therefore takes into account "eye-catching design" and "relevant text", but not only ... read the presentation below !

User Experience for SEO from Emilie Alba

(French) article about online user experience you might be interested in, by @futuremkrs

Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Reach +250,000 Readers from a Blog Post

Article originally posted on my marketing blog.

"Content is SEO !" you must have heard and read this everywhere for a few months now.

Well it's true, but for Optimized Content only, that are part of a Content Strategy !

It's sounds complicated, but it's not. A small independent business can definitely reach more than 250,000 readers.

One solution is to get noticed !

Le Grand Balcon Hotel in Toulouse (France) got noticed by a regional newspaper that spotted a blog post I wrote for the hotel. The article was about a teaser trailer that has been recently made by a french film-maker (@GabinFueyo), within the sumptuous Saint-Exupéry Suite.

The teaser trailer was compelling and inspiring, it deserved to be optimized and shared in a strategic way.

Check out the content strategy below !

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soldsie - Sell your products through Facebook comments!

Did you know you can sell your products using only the Facebook comments? When I first read about this I thought it was a joke. You know, like "look how social medias are taking over the world" joke. But than I saw the website, it was real. And really cool.

If you have a Facebook Business page you can use Soldsie. Soldsie is an application that lets you transforme your timeline in your store, publishing products and allowing your fans to buy only with a comment.

It works like this: you insert photos and information about your product for sale in the app Soldsie, which publishes the ad on your wall as a post. Whoever wants to buy just need to write the word "Sold!" in the comments. Automatically, you receive a notification and send confirmation of the sale to the buyer. After that, the person receives a message with a link to complete the payment via Paypal. All very quick and simple.

The service is free for the first $700. After that, you pay a 3% of each sale, that includes Paypal and credit card fee, automatic invoice and inventory track.

I haven't tested yet but I must confess I felt compelled to sell my clothes in Facebook just to see how it works. Just kidding, by boyfriend's clothes.

A little video with a walkthrough:


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Trend is to Opt for "Converged Media" in 2013

Article originally posted on my marketing blog.

What is Converged Media ?

Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group, explained converged media as the result of Content Marketing + Native Advertising + Real Time Marketing.

These 3 touch points are therefore the basis of a Paid, Earned and Owned Media Strategy ... a strategy that is perfectly adapted to the dynamic customers of today, and that will make your business social and successful.

Watch the presentation, learn and succeed !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coca-Cola Teaches Storytelling

Article originally posted on the author (@emilie_alba)'s blog

After Bubbleology, let's remain into bubbles with Coca-Cola.

Storytelling is an important element in digital marketing,
but do you exactly know what it consists of ?

Make sure you do by watching the video below

For more digital marketing stories, follow this Facebook Page


Monday, March 4, 2013

Bubbleology - A "teavolution" concept that is expanding worldwide

Article originally posted on my blog.

What's behind "Bubbleology" ? we would think about bubbles, biology but certainly not TEA !

And yet, they did it ! Bubbleology is revolutionizing the tearoom concept, and is therefore expanding worldwide…

Teavolution concept by @Bubbleology

What brought Bubbleology on my blog tonight is not the concept in and of itself, it is especially the highly optimized web experience they provide.

Their website is both interactive and inspirational, which truly adds value to their product.

I don't especially like bubbles, even less biology but the website captured my attention - during far more than 1,30 min (which is the average time web users spend on trite websites) - until I discovered that the base of their product was tea… I'm a huge tea drinker, and would love to try their product.

@Bubbleology, San Francisco and Paris are waiting for you !! Will you be coming soon?

Ok, it's time for you to be wowed by their website ! Enjoy !!

I'm sure you will become a Facebook Fan soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A new hotel service especially for her

As Beyonce would say: Who run the world? Girls. Ok, terrible jokes aside, the women are in fact the news focus of many companies. Every year more and more women have jobs that were for men only not a long time ago. With better jobs comes more travels, either for leisure or business. For this reason, hotels should pay more attention to the female share of their clients.

After asking female globetrotters how hotels can anticipate their needs in research carried out over 18 months, Hyatt introduced a new service they call “Hyatt Has It”.
The new Hyatt Has It service will offer phone charger, hair curlers and steamers, yoga mats, make-up remover wipes and razors to female guests. The amenities that existed already, like shampoos and moisturizers, now have better quality, to meet the client's standarts, with skincare products from companies such as Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothecary.
In response to their female respondents’ desire to eat healthily while traveling, the hotel chain has also launched a new balanced menu, with items that include fresh juices, smoothies, more balanced portions, and customizable meal options. On their service website, there is also a tab "blog", where they give tips and news about the services.
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