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10/11/2013 New Study on the Future of Customer Service

Key Quote for Hospitality Industry
A study by Jeremiah Owyang shows that consumers would rather do business with companies from the crowd economy than with the traditional players in the market. For instance, customer satisfaction with AirBnB is much higher than with classic hotel chains like Hilton. This trend is a great customer service opportunity. People like working together and consumers like to help each other. The future of customer service is a future of working with the customer

We explored the changes in guest + traveler expectations with a great group of Modul University students in Vienna.

Students - please take the 2 question survey here.

Below are the presentations:
1. Video samples of progressive, digitally delivered services - current in the marketplace
2. Slideshow of the conversation
3. Slideshow of the Service Excellence via Lounge Up app by Alta Pura Hotel
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View some additional videos - Service 3.0 is being implemented in numerous brands.  Service 3.0 is imperative for competitiveness + REVENUE.

Westin Tangent - private workspace for small gatherings of 4 to 6 people. Digitally connection + collaboration. New services for mobile workers, local or hotel guest.

Marriott's Workspring - similar concept - partnered with Steelcase + LiquidSpace.

Steelcase leaders in ergonomic workspaces + LiquidSpace on demand desk/space booking platform.

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