Tuesday, November 28, 2017

HES Digital Futures Presentation #cometmeetings

The team at Hotel Executive Solution held their #Hotel Managers workshop 28/11 to explore the impact of digital on guest services and hotel operations.

I thank them for inviting me to present now-near big picture - how guest expectations of superior service are evolving dynamically.

Leadership Team at Hotel Executive Solution

The key concept = Guests expect to access hotel services digitally. Hoteliers need to be creative to deliver HX (human experience) enhanced by digital. 

Wisely, the Team selected #CometMeetings as the innovative environment for the HES Managers to explore creative approach to H2H (human to human) enhanced by digital. 

#HES Paris; #hotels; #cometmeetings; #HX-hospitality

Monday, November 6, 2017

#websummit - Lisbon City Wide - Cool Photo Spots

#WebSummit 2017 Lisbon is truly a city-wide event.

  • Smooth, easy conference checkin at the airport. 
  • An army of friendly, young volunteers
  • #websummit stickers on all Metro direction signs, letting you know where to get off - very helpful
  • Metro maps printed with correct stop indicated
#websummit 2017 Liz Craig   #lisbon
Cool idea - Instgramable spots in central tourists areas - lots of WebSummiters took advantage!!

#websummit - #lisbon Barrio Alto - great for Instagram

Looking forward to brainfood + innovations to publish in Hospitality-Next.digital ; Bookings.com is here, Hilton is here, Trivago, I have my ticket ... going to #frenchtech side event!!

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