Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#websummit - Women in Tech - Mentor by

The #WebSummit in Lisbon was exciting, energizing + a huge success.  Indeed, Women in Tech Mentor 3 day program was standing room only.

I was asked to be a mentor and met some amazing + ambitious young women.  Most were seeking specific tactics for 'what's next' in their careers.  The sessions went so well, I met one of the ladies for a coffee post #WebSummit ... what a pleasure!

A shout out to Nicola Lyons, WebSummit Community Manager, who was the hands on coordinator - well done!

#websummit 2017 - Women in Tech Initiative

Quote from Gillian Tans, CEO:
“We strongly believe that gender diversity is key to building a workforce that fosters innovation, collaboration and creativity and we are continuously working to make one of the most gender-balanced companies in the world"
I was delighted to be a mentor for Women in Tech Initiative
 Back to Lisbon for #WebSummit 2018 - I hope to include some of my Online Business Development MBA students in this program.

More Women in Tech !!

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