Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Paris Hotel Le General invites bloggers for a free overnight stay - August is social month

+Le General Hotel #Paris is celebrating August as Social Month !  

Bloggers, Instagramers, Pinteresters, Twitters, Google Plussers are invited for a free overnight stay, during the month of August...complements of Le General Hotel Paris

This fun and funky hotel is just steps away from newly renovated Place de la Republique...a center for concerts and events.  

The location is perfect for socially active bloggers and photographers to discover the trendy neighborhoods near Canal St. Martin, the cafes, wine bars and unique restaurants around Rue Oberkampf.  Nearby Rue Amelot is blossoming with galleries, local bars and cafes.

To request a free overnight stay during the month of August, simply Contact Us via this site!!

The friendly hotel staff looks forward to welcoming you in social style!!  
Social Month guests will be featured in L'Art de Vivre blog.
Free WiFi throughout Le General Hotel Paris.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

+SebastienFelix interview at Digital Landscape Paris

+Sébastien Félix shared Influencer Marketing insights with particpants from UPAEP University during the Digital Landscape series, in #Paris.

Sebastien and his colleague Hugo Marchand founded SnapTraveller to match hotels, needing visibility in social eco-systems, with active, engaging online publishers - known as Influencers.

SnapTraveller is highly successful at matching Influencers with the right hotel concept, to benefit both.  Influencers on the SnapTraveller platform request a complimentary overnight stay and in turn, write-photo-pin and share the content with THEIR audiences.

Participants had questions about the concept and business model.  A number of them are inspired to become Influencers.

Sebastien has co-authored an excellent E-book 'Influence Marketing - A New Opportunity for Hospitality'

So thank you Sebastien - that you share your time and expertise is much appreciated.  Much success to the SnapTraveller team.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Digital Landscape Knowledge Sessions - IEMI Paris for UPAEP

The #Oneglobe team is delighted to to lead the Digital Landscape sessions at +IEMI MBA this week.  The topics are exciting and challenging.  The participants from +UPAEP are enthusiastic and engaged.

Topics include:
Perfect timing - 14 Juillet Holiday tomorrow...onto our advanced sessions the 15th.

Will keep you posted.  Digital Landscape online classroom.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#BA Digital Outdoor Cannes Award = Magic

The tech story behind BA's "The Magic of Flying"

Award winning campaign indeed feels magical.  The video on how the magic was accomplished fascinates as well.

Note the use of #lookup on screens and site pages.

H/T Adverblog