Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#websummit - Women in Tech - Mentor by

The #WebSummit in Lisbon was exciting, energizing + a huge success.  Indeed, Women in Tech Mentor 3 day program was standing room only.

I was asked to be a mentor and met some amazing + ambitious young women.  Most were seeking specific tactics for 'what's next' in their careers.  The sessions went so well, I met one of the ladies for a coffee post #WebSummit ... what a pleasure!

A shout out to Nicola Lyons, WebSummit Community Manager, who was the hands on coordinator - well done!

#websummit 2017 - Women in Tech Initiative

Quote from Gillian Tans, CEO:
“We strongly believe that gender diversity is key to building a workforce that fosters innovation, collaboration and creativity and we are continuously working to make one of the most gender-balanced companies in the world"
I was delighted to be a mentor for Women in Tech Initiative
 Back to Lisbon for #WebSummit 2018 - I hope to include some of my Online Business Development MBA students in this program.

More Women in Tech !!

#websummit2017; women in tech

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

HES Digital Futures Presentation #cometmeetings

The team at Hotel Executive Solution held their #Hotel Managers workshop 28/11 to explore the impact of digital on guest services and hotel operations.

I thank them for inviting me to present now-near big picture - how guest expectations of superior service are evolving dynamically.

Leadership Team at Hotel Executive Solution

The key concept = Guests expect to access hotel services digitally. Hoteliers need to be creative to deliver HX (human experience) enhanced by digital. 

Wisely, the Team selected #CometMeetings as the innovative environment for the HES Managers to explore creative approach to H2H (human to human) enhanced by digital. 

#HES Paris; #hotels; #cometmeetings; #HX-hospitality

Monday, November 6, 2017

#websummit - Lisbon City Wide - Cool Photo Spots

#WebSummit 2017 Lisbon is truly a city-wide event.

  • Smooth, easy conference checkin at the airport. 
  • An army of friendly, young volunteers
  • #websummit stickers on all Metro direction signs, letting you know where to get off - very helpful
  • Metro maps printed with correct stop indicated
#websummit 2017 Liz Craig   #lisbon
Cool idea - Instgramable spots in central tourists areas - lots of WebSummiters took advantage!!

#websummit - #lisbon Barrio Alto - great for Instagram

Looking forward to brainfood + innovations to publish in ; is here, Hilton is here, Trivago, I have my ticket ... going to #frenchtech side event!!

#websummit; #frenchtech; #AWS; 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Great Example Learn + Lunch - Facebook Live Event

Wow Event teaser by Deepend Au Agency - smart use of Facebook Live

Saturday, September 16, 2017

TooGoodToGo - #Anti-Food Waste Innovator

Too Good to Go - Eat Well - Save Money - Save the Planet

Excellent, imaginatively presented interview with @LucieBasch, 25 year old founder of Too Good To Go France. App based food ordering system is a win-win-win:

  • Consumers - save money, time + eat well
  • Providers (restaurants, bakeries, food stores + chains) - realize some revenue vs. 0
  • Society - better planet, good for our souls

Innovative concept, innovative business model, innovative generation of thinkers.  True @changemakers

Interview in French - but easy subtitles.  Enjoy.

Too Good To Go UK - English 

Too Good To Go France

#anti-gaspi; #repas prix reduit, #reduc food waste

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Creating Distinctive Luxury #Hotels - Go Non-Traditional

Thank you Millennials - as you are a 'generation of trendsetters' those of us who are Millennial-midset are getting the luxury hotel experiences we prefer.

Excellent recent research carried out at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne shows affluent Millennials will reshape luxury hotel experience.  Further, traditional luxury hotels are deemed 'non-innovative, unattractive and old-fashioned establishments'.

Fortunately, the research points out key 'innovation' solutions - focussed on design and uniqueness:

  • Human Capital - attitude, personality, supported by tech will permit staff to increase personalized engagement
  • Organizational Design - 'boundaryless' hotels - trendy social space + unique events designed to attract locals and other non-hotel guests
  • Unique Service - personalized and unconventional experiences that have a meaningful impact on individuals
Some Luxury Hotel Leading Innovators

Firmdale Hotels definitely gets it, creating #filmandfood event that offers a vibrant combination:
Source: David Bez Salad Blogger
  • foodie movie 'Julie & Julia'
  • foodie blogger David Bez's new book launch
  • David and Oscar Restaurant’s Head Chef, Bradd Johns,  rethinks imagination + nutrition with a 3 course dinner for the event

Ian Schrager hits the sweet spot - again - launching Public Hotels in NYC.  The homepage says it all!!
Public Hotels In Fast Company

Read the Full Article - Millennials to Reshape Luxury Hotels

Thank you for article share + discussion points
Laurent Mergui
Directeur CMH Paris / Managing Director

Thank for Fast Company article share
Dean Minet @minettco

Friday, September 1, 2017

The New Way to Hotel - Zoku + StayNTouch Innovate

A refreshing view of #hotel guest experience ... produced by StayNTouch and filmed at the uber innovative Zoku Hotel - a hybrid hotel.

A number of things standout in this video:

  • The guest uses the mobile app for many actions - pre-arrival, probably booking, ordering a late check out (LCO) and check out payment authorization
  • BUT chooses when he WANTS to interact with the staff - example, requesting meeting room materials.

  • The staff is tablet empowered permitting the staff member to be in motion, not stuck behind a desk
    • Personally greeting the guest on arrival
    • Processing his requests
    • Housekeeping staff communicating ready room
The video was made in 2016, so I imagine more changes have been made:
  • Integrative mobile payment vs. credit card swipe on the tablet
  • Keyless room access vs. key card
Bottom line:
  • This short video demonstrates today's hotel customer service expectations and how hotels can deliver - supported by digital + mobile devices
  • There is still human experience (HX) - when/for what is up to the guest.
This dynamic changes how we hospitality professionals need to think of our hotel operations.

#digitalinnovation #hybridhotels #hx_hospitality

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Social Courage + #Hotel Housekeeping via @aremorch

Thank you Are Morch ! Wow + finally, smart strategies for using social media + mobile to optimize BOH (back of house) and FOH (Front Office) communications.  Social Media Courage blog post is a great place to start.

Outcome = Top notch, efficiently serviced guestrooms - the key physical product in #hotels.

Are Morch teamed up with RoomChecking to provide stats and actionable steps to 'socialize' Housekeeping communications - happier staff + guests.

Source: RoomChecking

As a former Rooms Division Exec + GM, I have always had a special place for Housekeeping, Laundry + Maintenance Departments, so my favorite section of the blog posts = Characteristics of a Great Houskeeper. 

Of the 9 points, willingness to be of genuine service is a standout.

So, bravo for extensive coverage of social on BOH employees and communications.

Source: Are Morch

Read full Post Hotel Housekeeping Social Media Courage

#hotels #hotelhousekeeping #socialinnovation

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends via ipfconline

Concise infographic by @ipfconline1  10 Digital #marketing trends - already impacting online efforts.

Note - number 9 - Mobile = center stage in Customer Decision Journey

Sunday, June 11, 2017

#UPAEPParis 2017 - Arrive Next Sunday to Paris

CMH - IEMI Paris  welcomes UPAEP Faculty Led particpants to arrive next Sunday!!

CMH has created an innovative, immersive 4 week program designed to integrate classroom, blended learning, business visits + cultural outings.

The first week is Digital Week + the online classroom is up!!  

From Omnichannel Marketing to Wearables and Social Media, the first week will share cutting edge concepts and creative platforms with UPAEP participants.

CMH UPAEP 2017 Program - Online Classroom
Mobile Website highlighting Paris events + ideas will be updated during the Participants' Visit.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#paris program UPAEP - IEMI - digital innovation program

Pre-trip Mobile site live for UPAEP Paris 2017 Program!

CMH - IEMI has created an immersive program for UPAEP + launched a travel trip site designed to help participants navigate via their mobile phones - in the travel planning stages + during their stay in Paris.

  • Classwork + coursework
  • Presentations + sharing
  • Cultural visits
  • Local businesses visits
  • and yes...some free time to explore

We look forward to welcoming the participants and their Professor in June.  This is the 3rd year for the innovative International MBA program at  @CMHacademy


Monday, May 22, 2017

Social Media = Conversations with #Hotel Guests

Social conversations help differentiate your hotel + the positive advantages of your locale expertise.  Most hotels are using social media just to push out sales messages.  Smart hoteliers use social to engage guests in conversation - prior to stay, in destination (key = mobile users on Facebook), poststay.

This brief presentation highlights best content mix....relevant for guests + shareable to THEIR social networks.

I thank Corentin ComBalbert for putting it together.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Victor & Charles #AI Platform for Predicting Guest Delights

Victor & Charles lead the way in hyper-personalization for delighting #hotel guests ... predictive analytics... absolutely cutting edge!

A Paris #startup, analyzes public information (social networks, web content, ...), socio-cultural and behavioral to provide relevant information to hoteliers seeking to reach the next level of guest service.

Corentin Combalbert, Hospitality Executive Services, recently met with the team to evaluate the impact of a '360 guest view' on future pre-demand guest services.  He also had quite the experience with Victor & Charles chatbot - all positive!!

Inside scoop from meeting below.

Predicting guests' desires and providing personalized, delightful attention is the next generation of guest service.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Paris #bistronomie2017 - visual celebration

This video beautifully celebrates France, Paris + Bistronomy.

Sights, sounds, immersive experience. View this and pack your bags for Paris!!

What is Bistronomy??  A gastronomic revolution according to Maille + they know gastronomy!!

Bistonomie - Maille

#bistronomie2017 #paris #bistronomy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#paris TouristinParis - Local Info Touchscreen Bus Stops - super!!

Wild idea - so smart - local 'best' recommendations at bus stops + send to your mobile email.  Too much fun!!


Love your app - neat video!!

Full article Touch Screen Bus Stops via Tourist in Paris - in FR

Innovative City to City #startup Exchange London + Paris

Paris & Co , a leading international innovation eco-system, together with the Mayor of London and Mayor of Paris has announced ‘City to City Business Welcome Programme’.
An outstanding collaboration to generate international startup exchanges seeking financing and trade between the 2 capitals:
The agreement will, for the first time, jointly showcase London and Paris to overseas visitors, while a new initiative called the City-to-City Business Welcome Programme will encourage and facilitate the flow of trade and investment between the two cities.

City to City Welcome Programme London + Paris
The City-to-City Business Welcome programme will include
  • assistance with company set-up,
  • access to co-working space,
  • introduction to the local tech ecosystem and networking, and
  • discounted accommodation.
  • Eurostar will also provide entrepreneurs with preferential rates on their services.
Further, the programme is also designed to jointly promote tourism for both destinations, attracting a greater flow of international visitors.
Bottom line = a co-commitment to grow jobs, economy, innovative new enterprises…and tourism!!
#startups #tourism #paris #london

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hospitality Technology - Augment Human - Replace NO

A shareworthy quote from @lyleworthington speaking at recent Young Hoteliers Summit. As #hotel guests increasing use digital tools of THEIR choice, hospitality pros need to think differently to retain that H2H - human to human contact - that's why we are in this business.

Young Hoteliers Summit is held annually at Ecole Hoteliere in Lausanne Switzerland.  Lyle Worthington is a Metro Techstars mentor, CIO of The Student Hotel  - innovative accommodation, co-working, social space concept.

The Student Hotel Group - Not just for Students

  Mar 14MoreOur mentor , CIO of & president of is the challenge provider of contest at

Monday, March 20, 2017

les cuistots migrateurs...two birds: you know the rest!

Les Cuistots Migrateurs: Kill two birds with one stone? 
Better still, why not come up with two great ideas in one innovative start-up?

a table avec les cuistots!

·  Industry
o Hospitality, Restauration, Foodtech, Lifestyle.

Benefits of the concept include a different perspective on migrants ; from « international problem » to « cultural culinary exchange » ; providers of French wholesale food industry as well as importers of exotic herbs and spices. The services benefit office-bound Parisians as well as those wanting to have an unusual homecooked meal on the table when their neighborhood provides few innovative choices
o The added feature is humanitarian : providing work for immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down and whose skills have been underutilized. What better way to integrate into a new culture and country than via the hospitality of offering a regional specialty to share at the dinner table ?
o Les Cuistots Migrateurs could be used in hospitality as an alternate choice to the expense of running an in situ restaurant whilst providing hotel guests with a variety of unusual lunch and dinner choices delivered directly to the hotel

·  Innovation Brief 
o Les cuistots migrateurs are certainly a welcome innovation in France today, offering a unique solution to integrating refugees to the French way of life by providing careers. As the New York Times wrote:
 "Les Cuistots Migrateurs is a bold new venture created by two intrepid French entrepreneurs who are trying to change the way Parisians view immigrants by introducing the French to the best of the newcomers’ home cuisines."
  • Key points
      • New employment provider
      • Helping lessen the pain and disorientation of refugees of war and economic hardships
      • Provision of a wider choice and delivery method for authentic cuisines little known in France

#hotelinnovation, #foodtech#restaurant innovation #startup

Bar #Restaurant Management apps 2017

Bizimply curated a smart list of apps for Bar + Restaurant Management 

Bizimply Bizi Blog

From B2C apps such as NoWait, partnered with Yelp + designed to manage reservations + help diners avoid waiting, to Rockbot - prgram 'right music, at the right time' for restaurants and bars - the Bizimply list is a mini-goldmine for bar + restaurant operators.

See the complete list at BiziBlog by Bizimply.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

13 New #startups selected by Welcome City Labs #paris

Welcome City Labs, a premier network of incubators and accelerators dedicated to hospitality and tourism, announced the selection of 13 new #startups for participation.
Using ITB Berlin worldwide tradeshow to present the winners, Welcome City Labs selected from 120 candidates.
Infographic visually expresses the range of candidates submitted:
Welcome City Labs Paris Accelerator 2017 Candidates
Winning startups will gain the support of Welcome City Lab’s ecosystem designed to nurture each concept to a successful business.
List of selected startups – congratulations to all!
Blue Valet, Busjets, ClapnClip, CoChange, Fokusmap, Mon beau terroir, Intripid, Nannybag,       Student Pop, The bar corner, Tictactrip, Tracktl, Visitdata.
Full details (in French) Welcome City Labs Press Release.
Hospitality-Next will publish reviews of these innovative hospitality startups.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Voice Activated Hotel Concierge in Room - test - JW Marriott

JW Marriott Resort,  San Antonio Hill TX is testing voice activated concierge services, with an eye to hotel wide rollout.

Key to voice activated services is Amazon's Alexa.

The Verge, top tech trends + lifestyle media publisher, states that Alexa is becoming a hotel room luxury.

Amazon Alexa - small stylish - voice activated IoT

Quote from the hotel...
Alexa is the on-demand and in-room concierge ready to provide #hotel guests with a heightened experience and more time to enjoy the activities on property.
JW Marriott Resort is not the first to experiment with voice activated guestrooms.  Aloft Hotels, acquired by Marriott in the Starwood acquisition, debuted 'chat with your hotel room' in August 2016.

Full details - On Hotel Management

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IAdvize - Innovative Conversational Commerce Platform

iAdvize is the leading real-time customer engagement platform in Europe and is used in 40 different countries. Today, 9 different nationalities work within the team.

#startup review by Sasha Chupick
A conversational commerce platform that creates contact points throughout the website by predicting customer behavior, a chatbot and a possibility to put potential customers in touch with savvy enthusiasts for live chat
Industry: Retail & Hospitality
  • Hotels can benefit through tailored, personalized experience for potential guests, through automated and real chat.
« Predict and engage the best contact opportunities with authentic experts 24/7 and convert them into business value. »
Innovation: uses customer browsing behavior to send them useful information and takes advantage of brand ambassadors & influencers expertise to advise guests
  • Depending on what the customer clicks or does with their shopping basket, various predefined messages pop up in order to assist them through the process
  • A chatbot that responds to predefined questions
  • Ibbü: uses brand ambassador’s expertise (with financial compensation) for live chat with customers when they need authentic advice – available 24/7
A view of conversational commerce by iAdvize

Original post on Hospitality-Next.Digital

Les Grappes, la plateforme parfaite pour découvrir de nouveaux vin.

Ce nouveau site permet aux amateurs de vin et vigneron de partager leurs connaissances.
Il permet de découvrir de nouveaux vins, et de partager les différents domaines appartenant a ce site.

 Ce site permet d'acheter votre vin directement auprès du domaine, d'avoir des conseils de professionnels et vous pouvez partager vos avis avec la communauté de "Les Grappes".
Les points positifs sont que la livraison est gratuite a partir de 6 bouteilles, que la livraison se fait en 5 jours, et que le paiement de vos bouteilles est totalement sécurisé sur leur site.

N'hésitez pas a aller sur leur site, ou vous pourrez découvrir tous les domaines présents en France qui vous sont présentés sur Les Grappes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

M Beta - Future Stay - realtime feedback #hotel innovations

M Beta - Innovation Incubator - Marriott Hotel Charlotte NC USA

Ever innovative, Marriott Hotels has dedicated one hotel as a 'living laboratory'.

  Objective =  to create exceptional and original guest experiences, Marriott continuously tests new concepts, layouts, decoration, guest flow, tastes and staff engagement.

A key element to determining which innovations to keep is real time guest feedback, which is accomplished by the highly innovative 'beta buttons'.

Beta buttons are basically upvoting by the swipe of a finger...they are located at guest interactions point all over the hotel.  Realtime feedback + rating.

An excellent video walk through review of all the innovations