Monday, August 22, 2016

Stay ahead in Digital #Hospitality - insightful blogs

Many hoteliers ask 'how can I stay ahead' of digital trends, tools and services? 

While there are a number of super news sites, I find the most progressive + insightful info is published by companies

  •  leading in industry innovation
  • working directly with exceptional hoteliers

My go-to blogs to stay ahead of pace are:

  • Snapshot.Travel        @snapshot_demand
    • Focus = guest data, analytics and revenue management
    • Their newsletter is especially valuable as it offers a curated collection of smart articles from other sources, in addition to their blog posts.

  • Alice App @aliceapp
    • Focus = thought provoking issues hoteliers face, e.g. OTAs vs. Direct, Platform business model
    • Conversational approach

  • Hetras                      @hetras
    • Focus = Hotel Management issues + cloud based solutions - makes tech talk understandable
    • Curates + publishes experts frequently in Twitter - I always learn something from their tweeted posts

  • Siteminder @SiteMinder_News
    • Focus = direct bookings, online channels, distribution management
    • Excellent resource center, particularly for independent hotels
I appreciate actionable insights + retweet/share on @oneglobe via Twitter.
Please feel free to share your 'stay ahead' sources in the comments below

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pokémon go, how does it affect hoteliers?

Use Today's Trend to Attract Cliental 

Pokémon Go is today’s BIG THING! If you haven’t heard of it yet, It’s that you have been leaving in a cave for the last past 3 months, it’s all that everyone is talking about, It’s at the top of the mobile app chart, on every news (everyday!) and was even used in an U.S presidential campaign.

Several hotels are now proposing a "Pokémon friendly zone" communicating trough social medias to attract customers with ads;

We have selected an article to show you with an example how an hotelier used Pokémon go to attract cliental and be able to be closer to the client by sharing a same passion.

It includes:

- A small description of what is Pokémon go
- How it affected people’s behaviors and consumption 
- How to adapt to this new trend 

This app is also thumbable, which means that it is adapted to our day to day use of mobile. This technique can be applied to your mobile site. Is your mobile website thumbable ?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Pablo but not picasso by Buffer

We have already discussed about canva and other platforms that help you optimize your pictures but now we will see another one that may be very interesting for your social media publishing

You can use Pablo on your computer but they have also created a mobil friendly app, so you can use it on both devisees 

Pablo is an extension of Buffer that is a platform that helps for social publishing and makes it easier. You can post on several social media at the same time so it saves precious energy.
So you can also link your Pablo account to your Buffer one to optimize as much as possible your post.

Pablo will help you customize your pictures and publish them on all your social media. It is really easy to use and practical. 

Pablo can be useful for everyone. For companies that want to do some more social publishing and even for independent person that want to use it for themselves.
It is suitable for computers, phones and tablets. How particle is it!

All those optimized images that you make will be shared so easily on all your social media and you can even plan when the publishing will happen.

Pablo is a #thumable app that will help you saving time.

So don't hesitate to use it as much as you can, it helps!

Thursday, August 4, 2016


One of my favorite websites is BuzzFeed.
Guess why??
Because it is such a source of information and amusement. 

I enjoy this website this much is because BuzzFeed knows that a lot of visitor are visiting there site on mobile, so they have taken great care to create a design mobile website and app.

You can find diffrent topics such as videos, buzz, news, trending, lol, animals, music or cute. There are also some interesting quizzs about movies, series, knowledge, and so many topics.

This mobile website is about everything that is happening around the world. You will have political news but also people information such as the new Kim Kardachian product.

All the trendy videos, song, or movies will be posted up on BuzzFeed.

So do not hesitate to go on the Mobie Website or to dowload the app, if you don’t want to miss a thing.

Mobile Promo du Jour Hotel Le Littre Montparnasse

Hotel Le Littre Montparnasse fait la différence!

Une nouvelle génération de réservation de chambre d'hôtel a commencée avec

Hotel  Le Littre Montparnasse

Dans une ère où tout le monde a leurs yeux scotché a leur mobile, où chaque recherche 
d'information peut être faite en quelques secondes, pourquoi pas être la où les clients sont?

C'est ce que l'Hôtel Littre Montparnasse a fait avec promo mobile du jour. 
Une stratégie unique qui offre des avantages exclusives pour les clients qui réservent via 
un smartphone.

Book Mobile Promo du Jour Hotel Le Littre Montparnasse

Mobile Promo du jour inclue:

  • - 10 % sur le meilleur tarif disponible
  • En cas d'arrivée anticipée avant 10 heures, le petit-déjeuner est offert
  • Accès gratuit au sauna
  • Et bien plus

Donc si vous êtes sur votre portable réserver dès maintenant, le site Web est thumbable 

Hotel Littre Paris site principal                             Hotel Littre site mobile

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hotel Littre Montparnasse Optimized for Mobile Guest

Hotel Littre Montparnasse upgrades Mobile Traveler experience

Hotel Littre Paris understands their on-the-go guest.  The hotel has a beautiful RWD site 
but took their mobile strategy steps further.

In addition to Hotel App and RWD main site, the management team launched a Mobile 
USER optimized website:

  • Thumbable - easy access key contact functions
    • Book Mobile Rate
    • Find Us
    • Call Us
  • Smart Phone Rate promotion
  • Simplified rooms categories
  • Optimized images - 'glimpse-able'
  • Minimal text

Mobile USER optimized site uses geo-location to pop up welcome offers to travelers nearby.

To attract guest bookings, Hotel Littre will execute mobile-social marketing strategies to assure non-compete with the main site desktop + tablet visitors.

Bold steps for an independent hotel ... essential to capturing today's on-the-go guest.

Hotel Littre Paris main site                              Hotel Littre Mobile Site

Is your hotel site #thumbable ? 
Read more about Designing for Thumbs