Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hotel Littre Montparnasse Optimized for Mobile Guest

Hotel Littre Montparnasse upgrades Mobile Traveler experience

Hotel Littre Paris understands their on-the-go guest.  The hotel has a beautiful RWD site 
but took their mobile strategy steps further.

In addition to Hotel App and RWD main site, the management team launched a Mobile 
USER optimized website:

  • Thumbable - easy access key contact functions
    • Book Mobile Rate
    • Find Us
    • Call Us
  • Smart Phone Rate promotion
  • Simplified rooms categories
  • Optimized images - 'glimpse-able'
  • Minimal text

Mobile USER optimized site uses geo-location to pop up welcome offers to travelers nearby.

To attract guest bookings, Hotel Littre will execute mobile-social marketing strategies to assure non-compete with the main site desktop + tablet visitors.

Bold steps for an independent hotel ... essential to capturing today's on-the-go guest.

Hotel Littre Paris main site                              Hotel Littre Mobile Site

Is your hotel site #thumbable ? 
Read more about Designing for Thumbs

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