Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pokémon go, how does it affect hoteliers?

Use Today's Trend to Attract Cliental 

Pokémon Go is today’s BIG THING! If you haven’t heard of it yet, It’s that you have been leaving in a cave for the last past 3 months, it’s all that everyone is talking about, It’s at the top of the mobile app chart, on every news (everyday!) and was even used in an U.S presidential campaign.

Several hotels are now proposing a "Pokémon friendly zone" communicating trough social medias to attract customers with ads;

We have selected an article to show you with an example how an hotelier used Pokémon go to attract cliental and be able to be closer to the client by sharing a same passion.

It includes:

- A small description of what is Pokémon go
- How it affected people’s behaviors and consumption 
- How to adapt to this new trend 

This app is also thumbable, which means that it is adapted to our day to day use of mobile. This technique can be applied to your mobile site. Is your mobile website thumbable ?

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