Monday, August 15, 2016

Pablo but not picasso by Buffer

We have already discussed about canva and other platforms that help you optimize your pictures but now we will see another one that may be very interesting for your social media publishing

You can use Pablo on your computer but they have also created a mobil friendly app, so you can use it on both devisees 

Pablo is an extension of Buffer that is a platform that helps for social publishing and makes it easier. You can post on several social media at the same time so it saves precious energy.
So you can also link your Pablo account to your Buffer one to optimize as much as possible your post.

Pablo will help you customize your pictures and publish them on all your social media. It is really easy to use and practical. 

Pablo can be useful for everyone. For companies that want to do some more social publishing and even for independent person that want to use it for themselves.
It is suitable for computers, phones and tablets. How particle is it!

All those optimized images that you make will be shared so easily on all your social media and you can even plan when the publishing will happen.

Pablo is a #thumable app that will help you saving time.

So don't hesitate to use it as much as you can, it helps!

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