Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Airlines Flash Sales on Twitter - #Hotels in Future??

#Twitter is testing a Buy button, which will enable airlines + other retailers to offer flash sales - based on text in individual's tweets.

A quote from #Twitter spokesman:
“You can imagine how well the product would work with deals or discounts based on what users are tweeting or what they’re interested in based on their follows,” 

Skift writer @SamShankman creates an excellent example of how #hotels could use tweets to propose personalized perks:
For example, if someone was on their way to the airport for a British Airways flight to London and tweeted, “I can’t wait to fly@British_Airways & stay at @FSLondon this weekend,” then the airline or hotel could tweet the user a discount for in-flight drinks or breakfast in bed. The user could then purchase either directly through the platform.
Full article here:

Future possibilities ???
Twitter Flash Sales Hotel Rates based upon savvy Twitterers tweeting their flights + destinations???

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hotels #Mobile Marketing = Customer Engagement

A mobile mindset is essential to 'reach and resonate' with today's consumers. In this recent blog post+MDG Advertising details data behind engagement of the on-the-go customer.

Engagement, digital or otherwise, is key to guests' hospitality experience.

As hotel guests increasingly use mobile for bookings and concierge services, hoteliers will need to grow talent equipped with mobile skills.

More importantly, providing mobile in-destination services means thinking beyond the stay.  As OTAs' strategies include owning the total travel experience, guest engagement via mobile is essential.

Mobile mindset + mobile skills + hotel services delivery app = 
direct hotel revenue.

Is your hotel team ready for mobile empowered guests?