Monday, January 26, 2015


 Apps like ANIMOTO, MAGISTO and IMOVIE will take your photos and videos and make a creation with visual and audio effects that turn your simple videos into a much more professional looking short film

So you wonder which one gives the more instant satisfaction? Lets check…

(Picture from Animoto website)

What is it?

It produces fast and fun video that have a pretty good quality.
You can upload up to 10 photos for free and it guides you in the most easy way to put some music, and the rest is done for you
Why YES  

¬ Is so simple to use.
¬ It can be a quick fix if you are in need of producing a creative video and are short on time, whether for educational or business purposes.
¬ HD videos
¬ Available for IOS and Android as well as desktop/laptops
¬ A Lot of Styles
¬ Great for little business presentations, students and teachers
¬ Very good music library and you can upload your own music
¬ If you pay for it there are no video length restrictions

Why NO 
¬ Not as flexible as a user might like it to be. It has its limitations
¬ It also has a lot of competition because it provides the same service that any Mac owner would have with IPhoto and IMovie.
¬ You MUST add music to produce a video
¬ All the slides display have same duration, cant be changed
¬ Edit images have to be done in an image editor, not direclty in Animoto
¬ For better version you have to pay to upgrade

What is it ?

Magisto will analyze your videos and photos and get them all together for you, creating a professional looking movie without to much effort and time spend on it

Why YES 
1.   Magisto is a fun and easy way to automatically edit videos and share them with your friends and family. Just select videos and photos, and Magisto will turn them into beautiful edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.
2.   Great to use in mobile
3.   No need to video editing
4.   Able to pick up videos or photos
5.   Select your own music or choose the one suggested
6.   Available for IOS and Android as well as desktop/laptops

 Why NO 
1.   Very short videos if you are in no budget mode
2.   The editing part is made by the platform so very limited to choose what you will lie your movie to look like.
3.   Doesn’t let video editing and you have no control in the order of the images
4.   You have to get the Pro version for more flexibility and length options
5.   Images have to be edited in an image editor not directly in Magisto
6.   A fee will be add if you want to download your videos

(Picture form magisto website)

If you have a Mac an IPhone or an Ipad you will love this application, is almost as easy to use from the rest but before deciding right away for this one lets check the pros and cons

Why YES 

¬ Easy and simple to use
¬ Creates amazing 1080p HD
¬ You can add effects and background music
¬ Combine several photos at once
¬ A lot of flexibility to decide your own transitions and time of an image or video
¬ You can share or publish your videos in YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo
¬ If you don’t have it you can buy it for very cheap price

Why NO 
¬ Can’t import videos to MP4 which is a big issue as now a days is the most used video format
¬ Not to many different features


Which one is better?

This will depend on your needs, and how you want your movie to look like, personally I prefer Magisto over Animoto, their programs were easier to use, and had smoother results.  I like Magisto's results the best.  But, even though I gave a lot of pictures it still only gave me 58 seconds of end result and the program chooses whatever wants it to choose, so if you got an Apple product I suggest the IMovie, easy to use as well, no limit of time and simple but different features to apply to your movie.

The three of them give great satisfaction and are great to share with family friends, or even if your budget is low to do a short video about your business, I can assure everyone will be impressed.

Tell us what you like?Have you tried them already?  What do you like to have when editing a video?



Monday, January 12, 2015

#Tumblr VS #Blogger

You want to develop your online presence and create a blog for your company but you do not know with which platforms? Here are some advices that could help you choose!

  • Free
  • Different type of post (citation, video, photos, audio etc)
  • More appreciated by music, photographs and video lovers (less for text = maybe good for hospitality’s businesses = good for visuals, emotions and atmospheres)
  • Minimal design
  • You can customize your blog theme (HTML) or find one on (offers responsive theme, dashbard style, 2 columns, single)= extremely customizable but can’t change the platform Tumblr exists on (not possible to extend your theme to an app for ex.) = striclty for blogging
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Owned by yahoo so not your own site
  • Publish but most of all Sharing content = it is a SOCIAL MEDIA
  • More for text
  • Free
  • Owned by Google = you need a google account
  • It is customable but less than tumblr
  • Limited design selection
  • Widgets are available but it is not possibile to add plug-in
  • In case of copyright issues, blogger may shut down your site. You do not have the full ownership.
  • Blogger is good to start blogging but maybe think about something else for a long term professional ambition.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#Decline of #PC

+Reuters "Traditional desktop and laptop computers will continue to decline, with shipments forecast to total 303 million units, an 11.2 percent drop on 2012, the research group said.
The mobile phone market will continue to experience steady growth, with shipments projected to increase by 3.7 percent to more than 1.8 billion units"

Today's businesses - to be ahead and competitive - should adapt their strategies considering those facts.
For more information about mobile strategies, contact One Globe Network


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Famous #creatives Work Routines - Interactive Infographic

The good folks at +Podio created a wonderful Creatives Routines infographic
Want to develop a better work routine? Discover how some of the world's greatest minds organized their days.
Click image to see the interactive version (via Podio).

It definitely made me re-think my day!! Am testing Podio's mobile project management with my team.

Which of these well known creatives influence you?