Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Great Example Learn + Lunch - Facebook Live Event

Wow Event teaser by Deepend Au Agency - smart use of Facebook Live

Saturday, September 16, 2017

TooGoodToGo - #Anti-Food Waste Innovator

Too Good to Go - Eat Well - Save Money - Save the Planet

Excellent, imaginatively presented interview with @LucieBasch, 25 year old founder of Too Good To Go France. App based food ordering system is a win-win-win:

  • Consumers - save money, time + eat well
  • Providers (restaurants, bakeries, food stores + chains) - realize some revenue vs. 0
  • Society - better planet, good for our souls

Innovative concept, innovative business model, innovative generation of thinkers.  True @changemakers

Interview in French - but easy subtitles.  Enjoy.

Too Good To Go UK - English 

Too Good To Go France

#anti-gaspi; #repas prix reduit, #reduc food waste

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Creating Distinctive Luxury #Hotels - Go Non-Traditional

Thank you Millennials - as you are a 'generation of trendsetters' those of us who are Millennial-midset are getting the luxury hotel experiences we prefer.

Excellent recent research carried out at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne shows affluent Millennials will reshape luxury hotel experience.  Further, traditional luxury hotels are deemed 'non-innovative, unattractive and old-fashioned establishments'.

Fortunately, the research points out key 'innovation' solutions - focussed on design and uniqueness:

  • Human Capital - attitude, personality, supported by tech will permit staff to increase personalized engagement
  • Organizational Design - 'boundaryless' hotels - trendy social space + unique events designed to attract locals and other non-hotel guests
  • Unique Service - personalized and unconventional experiences that have a meaningful impact on individuals
Some Luxury Hotel Leading Innovators

Firmdale Hotels definitely gets it, creating #filmandfood event that offers a vibrant combination:
Source: David Bez Salad Blogger
  • foodie movie 'Julie & Julia'
  • foodie blogger David Bez's new book launch
  • David and Oscar Restaurant’s Head Chef, Bradd Johns,  rethinks imagination + nutrition with a 3 course dinner for the event

Ian Schrager hits the sweet spot - again - launching Public Hotels in NYC.  The homepage says it all!!
Public Hotels In Fast Company

Read the Full Article - Millennials to Reshape Luxury Hotels

Thank you for article share + discussion points
Laurent Mergui
Directeur CMH Paris / Managing Director

Thank for Fast Company article share
Dean Minet @minettco

Friday, September 1, 2017

The New Way to Hotel - Zoku + StayNTouch Innovate

A refreshing view of #hotel guest experience ... produced by StayNTouch and filmed at the uber innovative Zoku Hotel - a hybrid hotel.

A number of things standout in this video:

  • The guest uses the mobile app for many actions - pre-arrival, probably booking, ordering a late check out (LCO) and check out payment authorization
  • BUT chooses when he WANTS to interact with the staff - example, requesting meeting room materials.

  • The staff is tablet empowered permitting the staff member to be in motion, not stuck behind a desk
    • Personally greeting the guest on arrival
    • Processing his requests
    • Housekeeping staff communicating ready room
The video was made in 2016, so I imagine more changes have been made:
  • Integrative mobile payment vs. credit card swipe on the tablet
  • Keyless room access vs. key card
Bottom line:
  • This short video demonstrates today's hotel customer service expectations and how hotels can deliver - supported by digital + mobile devices
  • There is still human experience (HX) - when/for what is up to the guest.
This dynamic changes how we hospitality professionals need to think of our hotel operations.

#digitalinnovation #hybridhotels #hx_hospitality