Friday, September 1, 2017

The New Way to Hotel - Zoku + StayNTouch Innovate

A refreshing view of #hotel guest experience ... produced by StayNTouch and filmed at the uber innovative Zoku Hotel - a hybrid hotel.

A number of things standout in this video:

  • The guest uses the mobile app for many actions - pre-arrival, probably booking, ordering a late check out (LCO) and check out payment authorization
  • BUT chooses when he WANTS to interact with the staff - example, requesting meeting room materials.

  • The staff is tablet empowered permitting the staff member to be in motion, not stuck behind a desk
    • Personally greeting the guest on arrival
    • Processing his requests
    • Housekeeping staff communicating ready room
The video was made in 2016, so I imagine more changes have been made:
  • Integrative mobile payment vs. credit card swipe on the tablet
  • Keyless room access vs. key card
Bottom line:
  • This short video demonstrates today's hotel customer service expectations and how hotels can deliver - supported by digital + mobile devices
  • There is still human experience (HX) - when/for what is up to the guest.
This dynamic changes how we hospitality professionals need to think of our hotel operations.

#digitalinnovation #hybridhotels #hx_hospitality

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