Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Social Courage + #Hotel Housekeeping via @aremorch

Thank you Are Morch ! Wow + finally, smart strategies for using social media + mobile to optimize BOH (back of house) and FOH (Front Office) communications.  Social Media Courage blog post is a great place to start.

Outcome = Top notch, efficiently serviced guestrooms - the key physical product in #hotels.

Are Morch teamed up with RoomChecking to provide stats and actionable steps to 'socialize' Housekeeping communications - happier staff + guests.

Source: RoomChecking

As a former Rooms Division Exec + GM, I have always had a special place for Housekeeping, Laundry + Maintenance Departments, so my favorite section of the blog posts = Characteristics of a Great Houskeeper. 

Of the 9 points, willingness to be of genuine service is a standout.

So, bravo for extensive coverage of social on BOH employees and communications.

Source: Are Morch

Read full Post Hotel Housekeeping Social Media Courage

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