Monday, January 12, 2015

#Tumblr VS #Blogger

You want to develop your online presence and create a blog for your company but you do not know with which platforms? Here are some advices that could help you choose!

  • Free
  • Different type of post (citation, video, photos, audio etc)
  • More appreciated by music, photographs and video lovers (less for text = maybe good for hospitality’s businesses = good for visuals, emotions and atmospheres)
  • Minimal design
  • You can customize your blog theme (HTML) or find one on (offers responsive theme, dashbard style, 2 columns, single)= extremely customizable but can’t change the platform Tumblr exists on (not possible to extend your theme to an app for ex.) = striclty for blogging
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Owned by yahoo so not your own site
  • Publish but most of all Sharing content = it is a SOCIAL MEDIA
  • More for text
  • Free
  • Owned by Google = you need a google account
  • It is customable but less than tumblr
  • Limited design selection
  • Widgets are available but it is not possibile to add plug-in
  • In case of copyright issues, blogger may shut down your site. You do not have the full ownership.
  • Blogger is good to start blogging but maybe think about something else for a long term professional ambition.

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