Monday, August 22, 2016

Stay ahead in Digital #Hospitality - insightful blogs

Many hoteliers ask 'how can I stay ahead' of digital trends, tools and services? 

While there are a number of super news sites, I find the most progressive + insightful info is published by companies

  •  leading in industry innovation
  • working directly with exceptional hoteliers

My go-to blogs to stay ahead of pace are:

  • Snapshot.Travel        @snapshot_demand
    • Focus = guest data, analytics and revenue management
    • Their newsletter is especially valuable as it offers a curated collection of smart articles from other sources, in addition to their blog posts.

  • Alice App @aliceapp
    • Focus = thought provoking issues hoteliers face, e.g. OTAs vs. Direct, Platform business model
    • Conversational approach

  • Hetras                      @hetras
    • Focus = Hotel Management issues + cloud based solutions - makes tech talk understandable
    • Curates + publishes experts frequently in Twitter - I always learn something from their tweeted posts

  • Siteminder @SiteMinder_News
    • Focus = direct bookings, online channels, distribution management
    • Excellent resource center, particularly for independent hotels
I appreciate actionable insights + retweet/share on @oneglobe via Twitter.
Please feel free to share your 'stay ahead' sources in the comments below

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