Monday, March 20, 2017

les cuistots migrateurs...two birds: you know the rest!

Les Cuistots Migrateurs: Kill two birds with one stone? 
Better still, why not come up with two great ideas in one innovative start-up?

a table avec les cuistots!

·  Industry
o Hospitality, Restauration, Foodtech, Lifestyle.

Benefits of the concept include a different perspective on migrants ; from « international problem » to « cultural culinary exchange » ; providers of French wholesale food industry as well as importers of exotic herbs and spices. The services benefit office-bound Parisians as well as those wanting to have an unusual homecooked meal on the table when their neighborhood provides few innovative choices
o The added feature is humanitarian : providing work for immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down and whose skills have been underutilized. What better way to integrate into a new culture and country than via the hospitality of offering a regional specialty to share at the dinner table ?
o Les Cuistots Migrateurs could be used in hospitality as an alternate choice to the expense of running an in situ restaurant whilst providing hotel guests with a variety of unusual lunch and dinner choices delivered directly to the hotel

·  Innovation Brief 
o Les cuistots migrateurs are certainly a welcome innovation in France today, offering a unique solution to integrating refugees to the French way of life by providing careers. As the New York Times wrote:
 "Les Cuistots Migrateurs is a bold new venture created by two intrepid French entrepreneurs who are trying to change the way Parisians view immigrants by introducing the French to the best of the newcomers’ home cuisines."
  • Key points
      • New employment provider
      • Helping lessen the pain and disorientation of refugees of war and economic hardships
      • Provision of a wider choice and delivery method for authentic cuisines little known in France

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