Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Voice Activated Hotel Concierge in Room - test - JW Marriott

JW Marriott Resort,  San Antonio Hill TX is testing voice activated concierge services, with an eye to hotel wide rollout.

Key to voice activated services is Amazon's Alexa.

The Verge, top tech trends + lifestyle media publisher, states that Alexa is becoming a hotel room luxury.

Amazon Alexa - small stylish - voice activated IoT

Quote from the hotel...
Alexa is the on-demand and in-room concierge ready to provide #hotel guests with a heightened experience and more time to enjoy the activities on property.
JW Marriott Resort is not the first to experiment with voice activated guestrooms.  Aloft Hotels, acquired by Marriott in the Starwood acquisition, debuted 'chat with your hotel room' in August 2016.

Full details - On Hotel Management

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