Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Innovative City to City #startup Exchange London + Paris

Paris & Co , a leading international innovation eco-system, together with the Mayor of London and Mayor of Paris has announced ‘City to City Business Welcome Programme’.
An outstanding collaboration to generate international startup exchanges seeking financing and trade between the 2 capitals:
The agreement will, for the first time, jointly showcase London and Paris to overseas visitors, while a new initiative called the City-to-City Business Welcome Programme will encourage and facilitate the flow of trade and investment between the two cities.

City to City Welcome Programme London + Paris
The City-to-City Business Welcome programme will include
  • assistance with company set-up,
  • access to co-working space,
  • introduction to the local tech ecosystem and networking, and
  • discounted accommodation.
  • Eurostar will also provide entrepreneurs with preferential rates on their services.
Further, the programme is also designed to jointly promote tourism for both destinations, attracting a greater flow of international visitors.
Bottom line = a co-commitment to grow jobs, economy, innovative new enterprises…and tourism!!
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