Wednesday, July 16, 2014

+SebastienFelix interview at Digital Landscape Paris

+Sébastien Félix shared Influencer Marketing insights with particpants from UPAEP University during the Digital Landscape series, in #Paris.

Sebastien and his colleague Hugo Marchand founded SnapTraveller to match hotels, needing visibility in social eco-systems, with active, engaging online publishers - known as Influencers.

SnapTraveller is highly successful at matching Influencers with the right hotel concept, to benefit both.  Influencers on the SnapTraveller platform request a complimentary overnight stay and in turn, write-photo-pin and share the content with THEIR audiences.

Participants had questions about the concept and business model.  A number of them are inspired to become Influencers.

Sebastien has co-authored an excellent E-book 'Influence Marketing - A New Opportunity for Hospitality'

So thank you Sebastien - that you share your time and expertise is much appreciated.  Much success to the SnapTraveller team.

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