Monday, November 11, 2013

#econsultancy analysis Hyatt Hotels digital experience

I especially appreciated the Google Plus review. The hospitality industry definitely needs a better understanding of Google +, positive guidelines for engaging posts and 'reach' impact.

Hoteliers still seem to regard social media, and the Net in general, as simply a sales channel.  The reality is that all digital touchpoints encompass the hotel guest experience.

2 predictions:

  • Web Experience Optimization will become an important skill - hybrid role marrying marketing + digitally delivered services.
  • How long before TripAdvisor, and other satisfaction surveys,  includes digital services ratings in their review criteria?
H/T Ben Davis at +Econsultancy - I will use your analysis model with my MBA students.


  1. I heard some good reviews about Hyatt hotel - this must be something to try about for my next vacation.

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