Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buffer and Feedly- Powerful Curation Tagteam

Any individual or organization who regularly publishes content online will benefit from these tools.

Feedly is a media reader that allows users to follow their favorite blogs, news, and other publications. Feedly's simple data stream is extremely user-friendly. Look at all of your streaming content at once or filter it with customized categories.

My barebones homepage with bold headlines that say it all.
If you're on the search for new content, switch over the the +Add Content tab and search by category or enter a URL directly into the search bar.

I'm always looking for inspiration, thanks Feedly!
Once you have found life changing content you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, (and more if you pay a monthly fee for the Feedly Pro account) by just clicking a button on the Feedly toolbar.

Check out this popular video tutorial by Johnny Beirne for even more information. It is a little dated so Feedly has since updated their interface, but it is helpful nonetheless:

Buffer App
Before you sign up for Feedly and end up frustrating all of your friends and followers because you are excitedly oversharing, get Buffer. The amazing sharing scheduler that allows you to decide when your content is published.

Don't worry about posting at the same time everyday, Buffer does it all for you.
Post directly to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ or upgrade to Awesome Buffer and 'connect up to 12 social networks at once'.

Here is SocialScoop's Buffer App tutorial:
The browser extension is great if you want to Buffer content on the fly but Feedly generally leads me to all of the content I could possibly need and more.

Happy hunting! Do let me know if you find anything interesting.

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