Friday, October 11, 2013

Hospitality Service 3.0 - Modul U presentation

There was a responsive group of 90+ participants for our Oct 3 presentation at Modul University in Vienna.  All Net savvy, the students were amazed at the speed of change that is already occurring.

We owe Mathieu Pollet of Lounge Up great thanks for setting up 'guest experience' access to the Lounge Up app.  The participants were most impressed at the possibilities to create services that delight guests.

Also, a sincere merci to Hani El Sharkawi, Department Head at Modul Careers for the invitation.

Below is our intro slideshow - videos of digitally delivered services and the full presentation is here.  This important conversation will continue online - please join us.

Thank you Stephanie Bond for assist with creations + presentation.

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