Friday, March 1, 2013

A new hotel service especially for her

As Beyonce would say: Who run the world? Girls. Ok, terrible jokes aside, the women are in fact the news focus of many companies. Every year more and more women have jobs that were for men only not a long time ago. With better jobs comes more travels, either for leisure or business. For this reason, hotels should pay more attention to the female share of their clients.

After asking female globetrotters how hotels can anticipate their needs in research carried out over 18 months, Hyatt introduced a new service they call “Hyatt Has It”.
The new Hyatt Has It service will offer phone charger, hair curlers and steamers, yoga mats, make-up remover wipes and razors to female guests. The amenities that existed already, like shampoos and moisturizers, now have better quality, to meet the client's standarts, with skincare products from companies such as Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothecary.
In response to their female respondents’ desire to eat healthily while traveling, the hotel chain has also launched a new balanced menu, with items that include fresh juices, smoothies, more balanced portions, and customizable meal options. On their service website, there is also a tab "blog", where they give tips and news about the services.
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