Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soldsie - Sell your products through Facebook comments!

Did you know you can sell your products using only the Facebook comments? When I first read about this I thought it was a joke. You know, like "look how social medias are taking over the world" joke. But than I saw the website, it was real. And really cool.

If you have a Facebook Business page you can use Soldsie. Soldsie is an application that lets you transforme your timeline in your store, publishing products and allowing your fans to buy only with a comment.

It works like this: you insert photos and information about your product for sale in the app Soldsie, which publishes the ad on your wall as a post. Whoever wants to buy just need to write the word "Sold!" in the comments. Automatically, you receive a notification and send confirmation of the sale to the buyer. After that, the person receives a message with a link to complete the payment via Paypal. All very quick and simple.

The service is free for the first $700. After that, you pay a 3% of each sale, that includes Paypal and credit card fee, automatic invoice and inventory track.

I haven't tested yet but I must confess I felt compelled to sell my clothes in Facebook just to see how it works. Just kidding, by boyfriend's clothes.

A little video with a walkthrough:


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