Thursday, August 8, 2013

The world's first Twitter themed hotel is in Spain! ¡Vámonos!

"Oh, when I go on vacation I like to turn off my phone and forget about the rest of the world"...... YEAH RIGHT! Who are we kidding? When on vacation, we are more connected then ever, after all, we have to make our friends who are working jealous, with endless pictures of our huge drinks, pool parties and awesome beaches. All with hashtags obviously: #bestsummerever #iknowyouhateme #imsexyandiknowit

Thinking about this new trend, the Meliá Hotels International, Spain's leading hotel chain, has launched a new program that transformed their innovative hotel Sol Wave House (@SolWaveHouse) in the first "Twitter Experience Hotel" in the world.

What will customers find with this Twitter Experience Hotel? The hotel offers an exclusive app, through which one can see who is online, exchange private messages, see where are other people and send 'virtual kisses'. This virtual community, available only through the hotel's wi-fi, is called #SocialWave, which each guest can access from their mobile phone or other electronic devices, checking in with your Twitter account.

The hotel has two Twitter Concierges, dedicated exclusively to meet guest requests and generate conversation via Twitter with this virtual community, acting as a link between all clients. This way guests can chat, get to know each other, and stay on top of all the events, participate, share photos, etc. Every part of the hotel is designed for guests to get engaged in a new conversation.

You can also invite other to the pool parties with the hashtag #TwitterPoolParty, where you can drink cocktails inspired by Twitter (they are mainly blue) and, for example, ask to refill the minibar writing #FillMyFridge.

In addition, the hotel has created the new #TwitterPartySuites, spacious apartments for up to 4 people. Customers of these suites can enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine, sports drinks, special service on their arrival, 20% discount on all bars and restaurants in the leisure area of ​​the Wave House, VIP network, personalized minibar, and free drinks at the #TwitterParties, which are held every Friday at the hotel.

The hotel made a video that explain in a few seconds the experience. Warning: you'll probably want to quit your job and go. #dontquityourjob

Any other ideas on how to use twitter to make guests experience unforgettable?


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