Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great Use of #Pinterest for #Hospitality

If you are a hotelier and wondering how to use Pinterest to enhance your digital marketing strategy and create a real community here is a great campaign for inspiration. 

Entitled pin.pack.go by Four Seasons this great use of Pinterest allows visitors to:

1. Post images related to their interests during their travels
2. Tell Four Seasons which hotel the visitor will stay in 
3. Follow and Be Followed by Four Seasons 
4. Collaborate with the Brand and receive "not-in-the-guide-books" tips

The benefits are double. The hotel chain is actively gaining followers on social platforms, building a large community, but also creating a real, non-virtual relationship which, of course, builds customer loyalty. 

For the visitor, the traveller will benefit from a customized visit and local tips and guidance (which are priceless) before, during and after the stay...

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