Sunday, June 16, 2013

How an Image can Help Your SEO

Thinglink is a platform which can amplify your hotel's visiblity on the internet in various ways. The following slides demonstrate an example of how it used in the context of Le Quartier Bery Square Hôtel's overall digital markeitng.

The platform allows the hotelier to select an image and link it to all types of other social media platforms such as classical accounts (i.e. Facebook, Google +Hotel Le Quartier Bercy - Square , Youtube etc...) to more unconventional media such as social playlists (eg. Spotify).

A big advantage to thinglink is that sharing the image is user-friendly, keywords can be easily integrated, and the interaction with the visual creates a memorable and fun user experience. 

Thinglink also has new feature; "touching the image" which resembles the traditional "Facebook like". 

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