Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#Social Media Tips for #Time Saving

+KISSmetrics published a great time saving method in how to deal with #socialmedia 
To start creating it can be quite a challenge and very time consuming, when you are looking for specific information and there is so many in the web you can end up in a completely different subject at 3 am in the morning.

Thats why this great ideas will help you to double the amount of your social media with just half the effort

1. Create a schedule: 
To be present in peoples mind is something that has to be done day by day with constant time and effort, you waste time by having to reopen all social media tools, log in log out accounts and so on, The #timesaving solution is to do the whole social media section in an "unbroken section of concentration" one hour or two a day
  1. Make a calendar, how many hours? what days?
  2. Schedule several post at that time
  3. Monitor your social media metrics
2. Collect as you go
How much time it can take to choose and collect information, with so much interesting information going around the web?
* Put every information you found in one single place a great example is +Evernote a very simple but powerful app to use in your computer and phone, there are may different others to try too.
3. Share it more than once 
As we are going global, plus the different time zones, plus people having different activities and different schedules is ok to share it two or three times a day!
Remember, using social media can be very helpful for your business
If you want a more detail information about this go to +KISSmetrics 

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