Monday, December 8, 2014

How to deal with #Socialmedia for independant hôtels?


  • Each interaction does not have the same value = Likes, Favorites or Views < Comments < Shares or Retweet (should be your goal)
The two operations you could use to analyse the efficiency of your social media operations (publishing, follow, retweets, shares, etc)
  • Total engagement (comments, likes, retweets, etc) / Total content = Content Effectiveness
  • Total followers / Unique followers who interact = Community quality
After measuring my performance, how can I improve?
  • Take care of your engaged customers. (respond, like, retweet)
  • Follow pages/people that could offer you good content for you to be reshared. (Ex: Office du tourisme Paris, +Condé Nast Traveler)
  • Choose contents of quality = what could interest my guests and my target audience? Ex: tips that could facilitate their trip, advices on your city, etc.
  • Use storytelling. Your customers wants more than just contents. They want a story and emotions. Also, they will remember your brand more easily. (Try to create small videos also with just images with the Platform animoto for example, or try to create little games that tells the story of your hotel or about Paris)
  • You must be ACTIVE in the long term. (Connect maybe just 1 time/week if you don't have time but it is better than nothing or than post a lot for 1 week and then don't post anymore)
  • Promote the destinations (not just the hotel) (For example: Pictures or the 10 reasons Paris is an wonderful city, etc)
  • Create little games, contests to engage your customers. They want to be involved and to participate. (Just a simple best winter picture for example with a 10% discount on their stay)
  • Celebrate and exchange with your followers. (For instance: Thank you for following us, today we reached the 200 followers! We are very happy to have you with us!)
Be #mobilemindset
  • People use social media mainly on their smartphones = you MUST ADAPT.
  • Have a responsive and adapted website (visit Oneglobe extra for more information)
  • Use visuals, pictures (with text overlays using very simple tools such as picmonkey or canva)

Which one of those posts do you think will get more your attention when mobile surfing?

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