Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#Picmonkey VS #Canva

  • Simple and free
  • Very good for image editing:
           - Faces touch up
           - Effects 
           - Frames
  • Easy to save and share
  • Text effects (e.g. overlay)
  • Good for collages (spaces for photo pre-organized and very clear)
  • Only a few pre-adapted sizes for the initial design
  • No text designs
  • Less freedom when creating a collage
To conclude: PicMonkey is very good for "organized" works (e.g. work presentations) and image editing.


  • Simple and free 
  • Good for creative collages (You can mix text designs & images)
  • Adapted sizes for any type of document you would like to create. (e.g. Twitter post, Facebook cover, card, flyer, a Google + post, etc.)
  • Fun text designs  
  • Some free images
  • Direct links to share and print                                                            
  • Can be long to load and save.
  • The saving sometimes does not work very well.
  • Less "pre-organized" than Picmonkey
So, in case of problems with saving, I recommend you to download Jing, a free and very simple program which allows you to take screen shots of the part you want to have, either all the screen or a small part of it.
To conclude: Canva is good for creative and more "fun" works (e.g. invitations). Also well adapted to social media differences. 


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