Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#Hotels - In Destination #Mobile Services Imperative to YOUR Guest Relationship

+LoungeUp published an insightful blog post warning #hoteliers to act quickly and provide mobile services... or risk losing guest communication to OTAs.

Key Points from Lounge Up post

  • 80% of travellers want to easily access local amenities on their devices (MCD study),
    • This means think beyond the stay - think in destination, local experience
  • Independent travellers increasingly look to mobile as a first choice in solving travel problems and want little face-to-face contact with a hotel front desk
  • Priceline, TripAdvisor and other big budget online travel companies have purchased restaurant bookings sites, online tour + local activities booking sites

In short, these global companies seek to own the traveler from end to end... 
     the total guest experience
  • Travel Inspiration
  • Travel planning
  • Booking - air, hotel, ground
  • In Destination Bookings - restaurants, exhibits, activities
  • Social Sharing Rewards
  • Post stay communications
  • Personal Referral Networks
This quote from Priceline's CMO should rouse all hotels to action
MTA Hotel Tonight has already added keyless mobile checkin to their app (Tnooz)

What to do:
  • Create mobile services expertise in-house - a team approach is best
  • Engage a hotel mobile services platform - as essential to hotels as booking engines
  • Start with essential hotel concierge services 
  • Enhance by adding local partners, events and 'insider' tips
  • On an ongoing basis, increase mobile as a guest engagement point
  • Communicate your mobile services at each digital touchpoint - email, site, Facebook, Google +, etc.
    • I strongly recommend an identifiable icon - similar to WiFi 

If you need some additional info, please get in touch - we are happy to help.

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