Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hotels Social Shout Outs = Points + Perks

Excellent article - You Like a Hotel, It Likes You Back - a brief on major hotel groups rewarding guests and visitors who share socially.

Among the Profiled are:

But the most intriguing + innovative is +Hotelied, Inc. 

Consolidating members loyalty programs, Hotelied is a matchmaker for travelers who are 'point active', socially active + are community influencers with hotels seeking guests with 'social capital'.

Key quote:
Members are "asked to add your social media networks and your hotel and airline loyalty programs. That information is then used to decide which rates you’re charged based on whether the hotel is, as the site explains, targeting frequent travelers, loyal travelers or “guests who work in specific industries such as fashion, entertainment, business, or education."

Full article in New York Times 

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