Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinterest's Secret Boards

Are you a Justin Bieber fan but is not ready to face the judgements of the world with your collection of pictures? Or maybe do you want lose some weight but thinks lettuce does not go with your board of Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes? Now you have a solution.

Last week Pinterest launched the Secret Boards. On them, nobody else will be able to see what you pin unless you enable them. Really easy to set, you just have to put "ON" on the Secret Option on a new board. For the moment, each user is going to be able to create 3 secret boards. It may be not enough for all your internet sins, but its a start. 

Everybody already had the same (almost obvious but useful) ideas for secret board. Wedding planning, surprise party ideas, strange obsessions - enter Justin Bieber - , journal or gift ideas.

But what about some ideas to use them PROFESSIONALLY? Yes, yes, we have some....

- If your company is putting together results for a contest, a photo contest for example, you can create a secret board with the finalists and only open on the D Day.
- You can curate good ideas for THAT meeting you'll be able to impress your boss.
- For any special event or date, you can leave the board secretly ready for lauch day.
- You can spend more time building a board and present it already full of pins, instead of adding pind gradually. 

For more info, Pinterest explains step by step everything you need to know about Secret Boards here


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