Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tripomatic: plan your trip now!

Dear FMKRS, 

Christmas holidays are coming, and if you're planning to go abroad for several days to celebrate, have a look at Tripomatic and/or download their free mobile application!

This company, launched mid 2011 and managed by a team based in Czech Republic, enables any traveller to plan his trip so that they don't miss any attractions on their way!

"The main function of Tripomatic.com is to allow the planning of a personalised holiday itinerary that can be printed by the user."

Here is what Tripomatic can do for you: 

  • You can add accommodation and car rental in Europe and in the US region (recently launched) to your planning;
  • The picture of the monument you're looking for appears on the map, with all the details (address, rating, opening hours, fees, etc.); 
  • You can chose pre-built trips (in the suggested trip plans section) or create your own from scratch!
  • Once your trip is definitive, you can save a PDF version, print it and/or share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

"The trip planning site by travellers, for travellers"!

I have tried it, and I can tell you: it is really fast, easy to use and I will print it for sure for my next trip, in case I dont' have access to the app ;-)
3 basic steps to follow: you select your destination, your dates (you can skip it), and the tool already suggests you must-see places related to the chosen destination!

Once validated, this screen appears:
A real tutorial to help you planning your best trip ever! Click on it, and start adding and moving stuff around!

Have you ever tried it? Feel free to leave your comments!

By @CJuppet

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