Monday, November 12, 2012

Second Screen Experience

We are in a "golden -age of television" with all these channels and programs at hand. To profit the most from this opportunity try a second screen application for a greater engagement through social media.

Discover our selections for Second Screen Applications!

Check what people say about the program you are actually watching. You can see what your friends are watching, and receive recommendations. You can also unlock stickers and rewards for discounts at major entertainment companies.

An application to complete your television watching experience by sharing on social media directly.  Ask questions if you don't understand the film, read music analysis, get the latest sport news, all in one, IntoNow

Boxfish builds index to all that has been said on TV channels and it is used as a new layer of discovery for TV channels. It s a live guide for tablets and replaces the ordinary TV guide. Thanks to Boxfish the TV experience has been transformed into a dynamic source of real time information at any platform. Once at Boxfish site, look for something, like type the name OBAMA and you can see on which channel , at what time this topic has been raised.


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