Thursday, August 30, 2012

Google's Position on the Travel Market

The travel ecosystem chart below has been made by Travopia to show how Google's tools and features related to the travel industry "now look from the front-end user's perspective"
(read Kevin May's analysis of the chart in an article on Tnooz)

It can be noticed that Google's tools and features (mentioned on the chart) have been developed (and are still being developed) in order to provide travelers with a 360° online experience. Travelers are thus led to think "Google" before, during and after their trips, which makes Google a real traveler's assistant.

Although professionals in the travel industry don't exactly know Google's potential on this market, it is important for them to closely follow what Google is developing for travelers, all the more so as Google is now positioned on the most important markets related to the travel industry.

More details about the chart on Travopia

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