Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The latest 25hours Hotel: colours and design!

Have you ever heard about 25hours hotels
"Come as you are" is the leitmotiv of this trendy hotels chain, gathering 6 European establishments between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Recently introduced by Fast Company Design in this article, I completely fell in love with their latest hotel in Zurich: the colours, the design, the carpets in the room, the bathtube... everything is sooo trendy and just makes me wishing I could sleep there once!

Discover this amazing interior at the 25hours Zurich West Hotel! 

Each of the 6 structures has a different design team, revealing the personnality of each place and people's imagination; the Brazilian designer Alfredo Häberli was chosen for this latest hotel in Switzerland, who totally sorted out the different pieces of design under "The Smile of My Hometown" theme.

In FastCoDesign article, I particularly liked the wink to Airbnb and the fact that the hospitality industry is adopting such an inovative and design approach to attract new customers... I think this 25hours brand actively listens to its customers and labels its structures accordingly!

For me it's a big bravo, what do you think?
Urinals reminding The Rolling Stones lips logo!

By @CJuppet

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