Friday, April 24, 2015

Comparing #Bunkr and #Emaze

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Presentation 2.0
Ever wanted to make an entertaining presentation that is different from what Power Point proposes? I have tested two interesting websites: +Emaze and Bunkr and here is the comparison between them. Which one is appropriate and for what purpose ?

+emaze  is as amazing as its makers pretend it is. It is easy to use and thanks to it you can make presentations that make the difference and make your content pop up

  • Þ   Your presentation will be as colorful as you want it to be
  • Þ   You have the choice between different templates
  • Þ   You can diversify your content : pictures, music, social media links
  • Þ   Very easy to use
  • Þ   Shareable on networks
  • Þ   Saved on a cloud that you can find in whatever device


  • Þ   All of the templates are fancy, lack of simplicity
  • Þ   There is no mobile app and the mobile version is limited
  • Þ   You can’t decide a lot about the animation of your presentation

Here is a link to the complete comparison between EMAZE and BUNKR

By : ERRAYES Hannah



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